Sunday 30 August 2020

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Sunday 23 August 2020

Bargain afternoon tea at Morrisons cafe, Chingford London

 Saturday 22nd August

Today I had the cheapest afternoon tea ever and it was surprisingly good!! 

It was in the cafe inside Morrison's supermarket .....Not quite the same as Fortnum & Mason but so much cheaper priced at £10 for 2 but currently half price at only £5 !!!!!! This is due to the Eat out and save scheme which is valid EVERYDAY at Morrison's up to 31st August !!!!!

As you can see we got quite a lot of food plus a pot of tea each . We do not drink tea so we got coffee instead from the machines which you help yourself too. Not sure we was allowed to do this but nobody said anything

The sandwiches were fresh and we got 2 triangles of each type to share which included ham , cheese and tomato, egg mayonnaise and a jam sandwiches which was thrown in as extra plus a mini pork pie each. 

The scone was large and very nice however it was a bit cold from being kept in the fridge but still tasted lovely. We got a small of of jam each different flavours and a generous pot of cream. The scones are the same ones they sell in the store and have sugar sprinkled on top which gives them a crunchy top...very nice indeed.   

On the top layer there was a little pot of cheesecake dessert topped with fruit sauce which was really nice and creamy. We also got a slice of ginger cake each and 6 little brownie bites to share. 

For the price we were both very impressed with it and would recommend to others. 

Well done Morrison's you have set a high standard for the other supermarket chains to follow !!!!!!

Nearest Station  : N/A as we drove there 

Best bits : Value for money and the scones which were really nice.

Worst bits : none really 

Value for money : Yes 100% worth the £10 for 2 price 

would I go back?  :  Yes

Thursday 20 August 2020

Wonderful afternoon tea in the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon at Fortnum & Mason store , London

 Wednesday 19th August 2020

Yesterday i had such a lovely afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason with my friend. I have always wanted to go there for an afternoon tea and when i saw the special offer they are doing throughout August via  i jumped at the chance. Its only £60 for 2 instead for £60 each ...HALF PRICE . 

We arrived early at the Piccadilly store so had time to look around at all the lovely food and gifts before going to the top floor where the tea salon is. The restaurant was very busy when we arrived and we were seated in a lovely side room with nicely spaced out tables set with nice china and vase with fresh pink roses in. It was quieter in this room and we could not see the piano but could just about hear it from there.

The waiter handed us the menu and then explained the different types of afternoon tea you can order as they did a savory version or high tea one. We choose the classic one.  He then explained the menu and we both pointed out the sandwiches we did not like and what extra ones could be replaced with these. He said no problem they could do that for us. We then both ordered a cappuccino and they poured us a glass of tap water each.  

When the sandwiches and tea stand came out it all looked so lovely. All the sandwiches tasted nice and very fresh. I liked the coronation chicken one in the brown bread best. The waiter asked us if we wanted anymore sandwiches but we decided not too as we wanted room for the scones and cakes. 

The jam and cream came out on its own little tea stand. We got a whole jar of Fortnum & Mason strawberry jam and a jar of their lemon curd. The clotted cream was in a silver dish with a lid and there was plenty of it all. 

We had two scones each a plain one and a fruit one both of which were lovely especially with the lemon curd and cream on !!!!! We could of had more scones too if we wanted as they said we could have extra of everything if we wanted !!!!! These are the type of afternoon teas i like best !!!!!!!!!

We ordered another coffee each and asked if we could have another plate of the 5 mini cakes rather than try to cut them in half. The waiter said it would not be a problem and brought out another plate of the cakes. The service was really good. 

The cakes were nice but NOT amazing, i did not like the one in the middle,  the filling inside the crispy shell had a weird flavor. The mini eclair was nice and had slight rose taste too it. 

By now i was feeling rather full and did not expect the waiter to offer us another cake from the trolley . There was a choice of 3, Chocolate cake, Lemon and raspberry or a  Battenberg. Both of us choose the lemon and raspberry which we took home in a box as were  too full up. 

When i finally eat it at home it was really lovely and probably the best part of the lovely afternoon tea .I am glad i decided to carry it home on the train rather than give it to the homeless man i saw at the station entrance. 

Nearest Station  : Green Park on Victoria line , about 8 minute walk    
Best bits : Everything was good but the slice of cake at the end was delicious  and i liked the lemon curd on the scones .
Worst bits : None 
Value for money : Yes defo as special offer but i think normal price of £60 could be slightly lower or include a glass of Prosecco
would I go back?  :  Yes

Thursday 13 August 2020

Sweet Shop afternoon tea - The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel , London

 Wednesday 12th August 2020

Went to this afternoon tea with my friend on Wednesday as it was £10 off per person due to the Eat out and Save scheme. It cost us £30 each instead of £40 !!!!! I have been to the Chesterfield before for the Charlie and the Chocolate afternoon tea and the Winter Wonderland one . Both of these were very good so i knew we would be in for a treat.  

The hotel itself is very traditional in style and so is the Butlers restaurant however there is a small but light and airy conservatory to the side where they also serve the afternoon tea. This time we were seated in the main restaurant which we did not mind as it had air conditioning and it was an extremely hot day. It was busy in the restaurant, i think lots of people had decided to treat themselves whist making  use of the scheme. 

Upon being seated we were given a drink each which had smoke coming out of it ......very dramatic. It was homemade pink lemonade topped with a flying saucer sweet and it tasted lush....wish we had more of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we was handed the Menu and asked if we had any allergies on link to view full menu

I do not normally drink tea but they sounded so nice i decided to try the fruit salad candy tea and my friend ordered the liquorice tea.  

The fruit salad tea tasted amazing and i would defiantly recommend even if you are not a tea drinker. It tasted just like the fruit salad chew sweets !!!

When the tea stand arrived it looked amazing many different cakes and chocolate scones as well as raisin ones. 

All the sandwiches tasted nice but our favorite was the round chicken one with nibbled almonds. The waiter asked us if we wanted anymore sandwiches .....we said no as wanted to leave room for all the cakes. I noticed the table near us ask for more sandwiches and the waiter brought a whole plate full to them . 

Next we tucked into the scones they were nice and fresh but not warm. We had to ask for more jam and cream to have with our second scone and they also brought out a plate of more scones which were still warm from the oven. We could not eat the extra scones so the waiter said we could take them home with us.

After we ordered more hot drinks (1 had cappuccino this time) we started on the cakes. There were 8 in total one of each so we cut them in half. 

Our favorite was the  Apple drop and Peanut butter cup however all the cakes were nice . I thought the Rhubarb and custard macaroon was a bit hard in texture, not sure if that is  how it was supposed  to be but it was hard to eat!


The whole afternoon tea experience was very good and i got a box of cakes to take home as well as the scones we could not finish. 

Also once we paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant there was a old fashioned sweet cart with lots of jars of sweets on , a bit like pic n mix . We was informed we could have 50g of sweets each to take home in a little bag . I choose the 3 different flavored bon bons but there were lots to choose from . 

Would defiantly recommend this Afternoon Tea, great for kids too and  they have a kids menu. 

Nearest Station  : Green Park on Victoria line , about 8 minute walk    
Best bits : Everything was good but the  Fruit Salad tea and chicken sandwich were my favorites 
Worst bits : None 
Value for money : Yes defo and considering you can have extra food and then if any left take it home.
would I go back?  :  Yes


Monday 10 August 2020

Chilworth hotel afternoon tea - dissapointing

 Yesterday I went for an afternoon tea with my hubby that I booked online a few weeks ago using Groupon voucher for tea at the Grand Court Paddington hotel.  I decided to book this as I had already booked another voucher deal at the Skylark roof gardens for cocktails and platter at 5pm and thought we could make an afternoon of it.  Basically it all went a bit wrong.....

About a week before yesterday the Skylark contacted me to inform me  that the  roof garden was unable to open and that they could reserve us a table at Hucksters bar downstairs on the terrace and honor the voucher. We were a bit disappointed as it did not look as nice but as had already planned the afternoon tea so decided to still go ahead. 

We arrived outside the hotel Grand park Paddington Court only to find the doors closed and a sign stating that the hotel was closed until further notice due to outbreak of covid. There was also a note on door,  that if you had a room booked you would be upgraded to the 5 star Chilworth hotel and there was a phone number to contact them. A few phones calls later and waiting to be transferred to various people I finally spoke to the restaurant manager at the Chilworth who said that they could offer us the afternoon tea there. This was such a relief after traveling on 3 different  hot underground trains to get there.  It was only a 8 minute walk away and from the outside looked quite impressive. However when walking into reception it changed. It was very small inside more like the reception of an apartment block and the restaurant was very small.  

The manager greeted us and showed us to our small table by the window. Upon sitting down i noticed the fabric on the chairs was dirty and grubby looking !!!!There was only one other table occupied and they were having an afternoon tea too. I handed over the voucher and explained I had booked the traditional afternoon tea and not the Indian themed one. Not a good move as the Indian one would if been better I think as they had to scrape around in the kitchen to find food that was suitable!! 

The waiter  brought out a bottle of prosecco which was included in the voucher but I had to ask for a ice bucket to put it in otherwise it would of just been left on the table and not cold. 

 About 10 minutes later the tea stand arrived which looked disappointing.  There were 2 shop brought scones on top with individual butter and jam but No clotted cream. Then in middle tray 3 finger sandwiches each.... Salmon, ham and cucumber. Then at bottom 3 little shop brought cakes and pot of Panna cotta. I asked the waiter if there was any cream to go with the scones and he said NO and they had tried the local shop but they did not have any. Scones are not the same without the cream!! He did then bring us each a pot of strawberry, meringue and runny sauce which was like a very sweet custard. The sandwichs were tasty and fresh but the rest was disappointing and not what we had expected to get. 

I guess it was not the Chilworth hotels fault as they did their  best at short notice to accommodate us. However this  afternoon tea was not up to the standards you would expect from a London hotel. 

Never mind it was what it was and the cocktails later made up for it. I have since complained to Groupon and they have issued me with a credit. 

Nearest Station  : Lancaster Gate or Paddington , about 8 minute walk from there.  
Best bits : That they were able to offer  us something at short notice.   
Worst bits :  NO cream for scones which were very dry. Disappointing cakes.   
Value for money : Even with Groupon voucher not really .
would I go back?  :  No defiantly not 

Thursday 6 August 2020

Fabulous Afternoon Tea at Tewin Bury Farm , Hertfordshire

Wednesday 5th August 

Lovely afternoon tea with my mum
This is my second afternoon tea since lockdown and it did not disappoint !!!!!  I got it as a voucher last year from Buyagift priced at £38 for 2 but i got it when they had a discount code so paid about £24 for 2 of us. I noticed that the price printed on the menu was £25 per person so i got a extremly good deal . 

Tewin Bury farm was originally a dairy farm and now after selling the cows in 1980 and purchasing some farmland the Williams family decide to open it  up a hotel incorparatig many of the original buildings. The grounds and gardens are lovely and they hosts many weddings there. 
There are two places to eat . One is a more causal resturant/cafe which is joined to the farm shop with plently of outside seating and the second resturant is  called Cowshed and used to be the shed were the cattle were kept. You would never of known that as now its a very nicely decorated resturant with an outdoor terrace. This is where we sat for our afternoon tea as it was a lovely sunny day but not too hot as the tables are  under a big canapy. 

The table was nicely set with a plate and matching cup and saucer. My mum noticed that they were by Villeroy & Boch ....very posh for a farm and more like something you would get in a top London hotel. 
The menu sounded nice and we both explained to the waitress that neither of us eat fish and my mum does not like mayonaise or mustard . She was happy to swap them for us and make the ham sandwhich without the mustard. We both ordered a cappucino each and asked for a glass of tap water.    
The coffees arrived shortly followed by the cake stand ......We had a cake stand EACH full of lovely food and 2 large scones each ......Wow we was both very impressed.  
On the top plate i had 2 mini goats cheese and onion mini tarts which tasted deliouous plus a little chcken crotstini . The middle plate had 3 sandwiches on which were nice but the bread had gone a bit dry on the outside. Next came the scones which were the best we had ever tasted. They were not warm. but definatly homemade ...crunchy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside. To go with them we each had a pot of Tiptree strawberry jam and plently of clotted cream.....YUM. 

After eating both scones i was starting to feel full but still had a bit of room left for the cakes that followed. We both ordered an Americano coffee each. The cakes were served on a wooden board and we both had 4 each .  I liked the caramel flavour macaroon and Lemon merainge tart best . All of them were nice and we managed to eat them all. 
When it was time leave i asked if there was anything to pay but the waitress said  no extra charges to pay as all hot drinks were included in the voucher. 

Nearest Station  : Not sure as i drove , plenty of car parking on site   
Best bits : Definatly the goats cheese and onion tart plus the homemade scones    
Worst bits : None really it was all very good   
Value for money : Yes defo for what i paid . I think considering how nice it was £25 per person is still a good price .
would I go back?  :  Yes

Monday 3 August 2020

Recipe Chocolate mint cupcakes

Made these yesterday so wanted to share the simple recipe      

Ingredients  Makes 12  

150g self raising flour

50g cocoa powder 
200g caster sugar 
100g butter or margarine 
1 large egg 
100ml milk 
Muffin cake tin and cake cases 
Piping bake and nozzle 

Butter icing 
100g butter or margarine 
few drops green food colouring 
few drops peppermint essence 
2tbsp milk 
Areo mint balls or other chocolate decoration 

Preheat oven to 180 degrees or 160 for fan oven 
Put all the  cake ingredients to a food processor or large mixing bowl and mix until all combined and light and fluffy 
Divide the mixture evenly into the 12 cases in the muffin tin 
Cook for approx 20 minutes until firm to touch and slightly golden on top. 
Remove from oven and leave in tin to cook completely
To make the  buttercream beat the butter and icing sugar together to firm and creamy . Add milk until it is creamy texture but still firm and holds shape. Add few drops of green colouring until it goes a  minty green in colour and add peppermint essence until it tastes minty .
Spoon the buttercream into piping bag with nozzle attached. 
Once cakes are completely cooled pipe a large swirl on top of each one 
Top with a Areo mint ball or anything else you fancy. You could use half a After Eight mint square or just some chocolate chips sprinkled over the top. 

Sunday 2 August 2020

Afternoon tea fantastic offer - Fortnum & Mason during August BOGOF

Just want to share this great offer that i have already booked for Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason, London
If you book by going to the website one person goes free for every afternoon tea booked . This is a great offer as then will only cost £30 per person. It is valid for bookings in August only 

I have always wanted to go here for Afternoon tea so as soon as i saw the offer i booked straight away . 
I am going on 19th August so will then share my review on my blog. Check out the menu below ...


Finger sandwiches
Norfolk Cured Ham with English Mustard
Cucumber with Mint Cream Cheese
Rare Breed Hen's Egg Mayonnaise with Cress
Fortnum's Smoked Salmon with Tartare Sauce
Coronation Chicken

Fortnum's scones
Plain & Fruit Scones
Presented with Clotted Cream,
Fortnum & Mason Strawberry Preserve & Lemon Curd

Afternoon Tea cakes
Selection of individual Patisserie

Served with a Pot of Fortnum's Tea

£60.00 per person