Monday 20 July 2020

Peggottys tea shoppe Tenterden Kent

My first afternoon tea since lockdown. My husband and I booked this weekend away before the lockdown and so pleased it was able to go ahead. We booked a nice hotel in Tenterden , Kent and the Chapel Down vineyard tour after having their English sparking wine at a afternoon tea in London. 

Before we checked into the hotel we stopped and had an afternoon tea in a traditional tea room in the village of Tenterden. I had pre booked in advance to ensure we could get a table. 
It is called Peggottys Tea Shoppe and first opened its doors in 1975.  Although there have been different owners and ideas through the years, it has always maintained a place in the Locals hearts and holds happy memories for many of its of customers. Peggotty’s gives a traditional tearoom experience serving homemade food, freshly ground coffee and loose leaf teas.. 
Inside it was just like a cozy cottage with a few tables nice laid out with spotted table clothes. Our table was in the bay window so we could gaze out onto the busy street and people watch. 

We were handed the full menu and then explained that for the afternoon tea we get to choose our own sandwich from the menu then type of scone,  plain, raisin or cheese and lastly which slice of homemade cake we wanted . 
I choose a ham and cheese sandwich on granary bread , fruit scone and slice of the homemade cherry Bakewell sponge. My husband choose the  chocolate and peanut butter cake which was the last slice. We said we could share and get to taste both cakes. There was also a Lemon cake and Coffee and walnut cake …they all looked very nice . We was offered tea or coffee whilst we waited  for the food to come out. 

After about 10 minutes a 3 tier cake stand was brought out to us , i could not wait to get tucked in. I thought it nice that there was some salad and coleslaw on the bottom plate with the sandwiches. My sandwich was very fresh with thick slices of carved ham not from a packet and chedder cheese. The middle plate had the two large homemade scones plus a large pot of homemade jam and then some clotted cream. The scones were homemade and still warm from the oven....they tasted delicious with the homemade jam and cream.
After finishing the sandwich and scone i was feeling rather full but still managed to eat a bit of each cake . I liked my choice best as the cake was very moist and buttery. The chocolate ad peanut butter cake was good too but a bit sickly especially when you are feeling full up. 

The afternoon tea was £25 for 2 of us which i thought was good as we had two hot drinks each and the food was plentiful. If i ever go to Tentderden again i would defiantly stop there again.  

Saturday 11 July 2020

Traditional home made fudge

Yesterday i made my vanilla fudge as my mum had been hinting how much she liked it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it tastes better than the quick and easy 3 ingredient fudge i have recently made and cost less for the ingredients. 
It does take while to make as you have to boil the ingredients together until it reaches a temperature of 116c . For this reason you need a digital food thermometer so you know once it has reached correct temperature. Not hot enough and it will not set or too hot and you get caramel or toffee rather than creamy fudge. 

410g can evaporated milk                                                           
Fresh milk to add to above to make up to a pint in total  
100g butter 
2kg granulated sugar 
2 tsp Vanilla essence 

Place all ingredients apart from the vanilla essence into a large heavy based saucepan and place on medium heat 
Stir at regular intervals and be careful as mixture is vert hot . 
Once melted keep stirring and allow to boil gently 
Using the thermometer check temperature at regular intervals between stirring . 
It takes about 15 to 20 mins of boiling and stirring until it reaches 116c 
Once correct temperature reached remove from heat 
Add 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence and then keep stirring until mixture starts to thicken and go grainy. This takes about 10 minutes 
Pour into a square tin 9x9 inch lined with baking paper , leave to cool. Then mark the top into small squares 
Once cool put into fridge to set overnight 
Remove from fridge and cut into the marked squares. 
I like to leave it in open container for a day or so to let the air get to it so it hardens slightly. 

Everyone who has tasted this fudge loves it and i think it tastes much nicer than the expensive flavoured homemade fudge you buy on market stalls. I have made a chocolate version but this one is nicer and more creamy 

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Afternoon tea booked - first one since lockdown

So excited that i wanted to share with you that i have booked my first afternoon tea since lockdown .....
I have booked Peggotty's Tea Shoppe in Tenterden, Kent.  
My husband and i have a weekend away  that was planned before the lockdown in March . We are going to the Chapel Down vineyard for a tour and tasting session and then staying overnight in a nearby hotel.  
We was not sure it would be going ahead still but got the confirmation last week ....SO EXCITED TO FINALLY BE GOING OUT OUT !!!!!!

I have also booked another afternoon tea  for 15th August at Double Tree Hilton Docklands . I have been to this one before it nice as you can sit outside on the terrace overlooking the water . 
Hopefully going to book many more afternoon teas once all the restaurants are open again . 

Watch this space for a review of the Afternoon tea