Tuesday 1 November 2022

Very good afternoon tea at Melody restaurant - Barons Court London

 Saturday it was hubby's birthday, so I took him for an afternoon tea followed by a visit to the melody whiskey bar. 

I have been to the melody restaurant before with my mum in March and was so impressed with it that I brought another voucher to go again. I knew my husband would like it there as they have a whiskey bar. 

I think I paid just £59 for two with a glass of champagne each from Buyagift. The normal menu price is £39 each. I just purchased another voucher as Buyagift have 24% discount code so paid just £37 ...... such a bargain for lovely afternoon tea. 

The Melody restaurant is inside the small St Pauls hotel which used to be a private school. It has red brick walls and a lovely small courtyard at the front and a small outside seating area at the rear. Inside its tastefully decorated in a traditional style with a small reception area which leads to the small restaurant and Whisky bar. 

When we arrived, they were in the process of putting up the Christmas decorations which I thought was a tad bit early but the very tall Christmas tree in the courtyard looked lovely. 

 We were the first in the restaurant and later followed by a group of 4 for the afternoon tea. 

The table was nicely laid, and we were handed a menu with the different teas on and there were quite a few to choose from.  The menu did not show what types of sandwiches or cakes available just the different prices and list of teas. Its only £29 each without the champagne which for what you get is good value. 

The waitress asked if we had any allergies and then poured us a very large full to the brim glass of champagne. She could not fit anymore in the glass if she tried !!!!!! It was nice and very bubbly

We both then ordered our teas and I went for the Rosehip and Hibiscus one which was nice and fruity. 

After a short while the tea stand arrived however the waitress did not explain what was on it so it was a guessing game. I did notice that she explained the food for the other table so perhaps we should have asked her. 

My husband was happy as he got two Salmon sandwiches as I do not like fish so I had his ham one instead. 

We got a mini brioche egg mayonnaise roll, cream cheese and cucumber sandwich, Chicken mayonnaise open ciabatta, Ham and mustard sandwich and the open Salmon one. All were very tasty and fresh. 

The scones were a generous size and freshy baked as still slightly warm. We got two each plain one and cinnamon fruit one plus large pot of jam and clotted cream.  There were delicious and I remember before my mum thought they were one of the best especially the cinnamon one.  We got plenty of jam and cream and did not have to ask for any more which I normally have to do as I like a lot on my scones 

After the scones we were asked if we wanted any more tea so I ordered a cappuccino and my husband another pot of tea. It was a very nice cappuccino too and very hot which I like. 

The top plate of cakes was full, and we got one each of 5 different ones. We had to guess what they were as we tucked into them one by one. 

First, we had the mango cheesecake which was very nice with a buttery biscuit base and creamy cheese layer topped with mango pieces. 

Then we both had the green macaroon which my husband did not like as had fresh mint in it. I thought it was OK and unusual flavor like a Mojito cocktail. 

Next was the fresh cream strawberry choux bun which was good followed by the mini cupcake which my husband said was walnut flavor topped with a caramel type of cream. I think he is probably right but not 100% sure as could have been a ginger sponge. 

We saved the chocolate one to last which had a shortbread base topped with a chocolate ganache cream. This was nice and a good one to end on. 

Feeling full up now we were offered more coffee or tea which we declined as planning to go to the Whisky bar in the next room. We were not offered any more food during the service, but I think if we had asked, they would have brought us more as the service was very good. 

As a birthday treat for hubby we went into the Whiskey bar next door only to find it was fully booked and all tables reserved. I did not think to book in advance as did not think it would be that popular. Luckily, they let as stay at the table we had our afternoon tea on for drinks from the bar. 

My hubby ended up doing 2 whiskey flight which consisted of five10ml glasses of different whiskies per flight whilst I  had two glasses of a lovely blush wine. The wine was reasonable priced at £6.50 for large glass and most cocktails were around £12 which is not bad for a London hotel nowadays. 

The barman came over a few times to talk about the whiskeys and he was very informative and taught my hubby a few new things about whiskey. He had a great time and tasted 10 new whiskeys he had never tried before. 

Nearest Station :        Barons Court    - about 8 minute walk 
Best bits : The cinnamon fruit scones and large glass of champagne plus good service and variety of cakes  
Worst bits :  Nothing to mention        
Value for money : Yes I think even at full price its good    
would I go back? :  Yes I would and have got another voucher already