Wednesday 23 August 2023

Fantastic Kopi Tai afternoon tea in the Orchard lounge Pan Pacific hotel - London

 Saturday I treated my husband to a fantastic afternoon tea. It's one we went to before and really enjoyed. The menu was different this time and as usual I got a great deal by buying a voucher with discount code from Buyagift. I used my discount code so only paid £108 for both of us. This is a better way to do it as the price in the menu was £62 each. 

The hotel is very close to Liverpool Street station. It is a tall building and modern in design. 

When we arrived it was very busy however there was a nice table for us towards the back of the lounge. It was a low style table with big velvet armchairs. The table was simply laid with china with a very pretty floral bird design the same as we had on our last visit. It had the hotel name on the bottom so must of been specially made for them

We was handed the menu and asked if we had any allergies. The waiter also explained the two different types of afternoon tea Traditional or Kopi Tai.  We both opted for the Kopi Tai one below as it sounded nice.  


 Siu Mai Basket Spinach, Carrot, Sesame (VG) (G, SE) 

Shitake & Maitake Mushroom, Corn (G, S) 

Prawn, Caviar, Spring Onion (D, E, G, MO, SE)

 Beef, Onion, Oyster Sauce (F, G, S, SE) 

Steamed Lotus Bun (D, E, G) Salted Egg Yolk, Custard Sauce 

Steamed Sweet Potato Bun (D, G, SD) Sugar, Milk, Glutinous Rice, Coconut Flakes 

PLAIN & STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE SCONE (D, E, G)                                                          Cornish Clotted Cream,                        

 Homemade Strawberry-Rhubarb Preserve  and  Lemon Curd

 ICE LOLLIE (VE) Apple and Elderflower


Lemon Drop (D, E, F, G, S) Lemon Verbena, Raspberry, Peach 

Mint Breeze (A, D, E, F, G, S)  Mint, Lime, Bacardi 

Basil Smash (D, E, F, N, SD) Strawberry, Basil, Kalamansi 

Tropical Storm (D, E, F, G, S) Dulcey, Banana, Mango  


We ordered a bottle of English sparking wine from the menu which had a good selection of English wines to chose from. The cheapest being £74 a bottle. 

My husband ordered a pot of Breakfast tea from the large choice of teas on the menu and I ordered the lemon tea. 

It took around 15 minutes for the food to arrive which was served in a wooden type steam basket and the buns on a plate. The waiter explained what they were and that I had extra beef one instead of the salmon which was perfect. 


The mini dumplings were very tasty especially the beef one. 

The sweet potato buns were crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. The waiter gave us a dish of condensed milk to dip them into which I thought was strange but it made them taste even better. 

The large lotus bun was very unusual but in a good way. Soft on the outside with a rich thick sweet custard inside. 

It was so different to anything I have tasted before but in a good way !!!!


Next came the scones on a plate along with a silver stand with three small dishes on. The dishes contained thick clotted cream, homemade Rhubarb strawberry and ginger jam plus a lemon curd. 

The scones were still warm and very moist and sponge like inside. I loved the lemon curd as it was really tangy and went perfect with the strawberry chocolate scones. My husband is not a big fan of scones unlike me but said these were one of the best he had tasted. 

The scones were a good size and we had to ask for more clotted  cream which the waiter brought straight out to us. 

After the scones the waiter then brought out two small ice lollies 

These were apple and elderflower sorbet coated in green chocolate with meringue sprinkles. 

It was very nice and refreshing


Lastly it was time for the cakes which were more like little desserts and extremely nice. We got our own plate of 4 different ones each

The first one was called Lemon Drop which was strange as it was pink and not a lemon color. Then I read the menu and saw it had raspberry and peach too hence the color. This was a delicious creamy lemon tangy mouse covered in pink chocolate on top on a thin  biscuit topped with fresh peaches and crispy bits 


Next we both had the Strawberry Basil Smash one. Sweet meringue filled with a cream with a hint of basil topped with fresh strawberry slices and a strawberry gel sheet 

Next to be eaten was the Mint Breeze which tasted just like a Mojito, it looked good too. My husband was not keen on this one maybe because he does not like Mojito cocktails. I liked it and thought that they had got the balance of flavors just right. It was unusual with the taste of fresh mint mixed with the citrus of lime. 

Lastly we had the Tropical Storm one, not quite sure why it was called this but it was a great hilt with both of us. Sweet pretty biscuit on both sides  with a soft cream filling of caramel and fresh banana pieces sat on a thin sheet of chocolate topped biscuit and topped with more chocolate and a little butterfly on a mango gel 

After eating all the lovely food we were both rather full.  We were not offered any extra food but I noticed that the table next to us asked for extra savories each and then more cakes at the end which they gave them.  I guess if you do not ask you don't get but I always think that in the 5 star hotels when you pay so much they should always offer extra to you. 

Its probably a good job they did not offer us extra as we would of been so full up !!!!!

To finish what was a lovely afternoon tea we both had a coffee each. 

Nearest Station : Liverpool Street station - about 8 minute walk

Best bits : The lovely food which I could not fault and great service    

Worst bits :  Nothing to mention  
Value for money : Yes I think it was as not as expensive as some of the well known 5 star hotels and we got quite a lot of food. 

Would I go back? : Yes defiantly for a third time