Friday 31 December 2021

Last afternoon tea for 2021 - St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

 Wonderful last afternoon tea for 2021.......

Nice way to finish 2021 with a lovely afternoon tea with my hubby at the very grand Renaissance hotel in Kings Cross London. Last time I went here was same date 30th December 2 years ago in 2019 pre COVID..........

It was still just as good as I remember with the lovely grand hotel front to the open plan Hansom lounge with high metal beamed glass ceiling all lit up. I had purchased a Buyagift voucher some time ago to use for this which I purchased with a discount code. I paid just  £67.50 for bottomless champagne afternoon tea for 2 which was bargain as menu price is £56 each with just a glass of champagne. 

As it was Christmas they were serving the Winter LK Bennett themed afternoon tea. 

When we arrived at 3pm the lounge was very empty which I was surprised by. We were shown to our table which had two nice chairs and a large blue velvet sofa. We sat on the chairs and put our coats and bag on the sofa next to us. Behind me was the bar which was decorated with a garland and large red bow above it. At the other end by the entrance was a very large Christmas tree with lots of twinkly lights. These were the only decorations plus a small pot with green branches on each table. 

On our table was the menu which sounded very nice.

The waitress offered us a glass of ice tap water before bringing over a bottle of champagne and pouring us a glass each. The bottle was put in a silver ice bucket next to our table. Last time we came the drink was served in gold metal goblets and we had Chapel Down English sparkling wine. It was this visit that got us interested in English wines and our trip to the Chapel Down vineyard.

The sandwiches were brought out on an individual  plate each and the same with the four cakes  each which were placed on the tall silver stand next to us. As I remembered last time the scones are served at the very end. 

The sandwiches consisted of  Smoked salmon, citrus herb mayonnaise,  Coronation chicken Golden sultanas Truffled hen egg  Mustard cress, Cucumber Whipped salted butter and Slow roast English beef, horseradish cream. I liked the chicken one the best but they were all nice and tasty. We were not offered any extra which was a shame. 

By now we had drunk over half of the bottle of champagne and I decided it was time for a coffee to go with the cakes. My husband ordered a pot of tea. 

The cakes looked and tasted nice ......there was a red velvet cake , chocolate choux bun, berry mouse on sponge and an extremely soft and creamy pink rose which looked pretty and tasted of rose water. I liked it however my hubby was not keen. My favourite cake was the red velvet slice.

An hour into our tea and one bottle of champagne later I noticed that is was getting busy in the lounge with people coming and going. 

Second bottle of champagne opened it was time for the scones.......

They were freshly baked and still warm, a plain one each and fruit one each with a little jar of Tiptree jam each and a large pot filled with clotted cream to share. Lovely way to finish this afternoon tea.

I asked the waitress if there was anything to pay for and she said it was all covered by the voucher. 

We left a cash tip on the table as was very happy with the food and service. 

Nearest Station : Kings Cross St Pancras  station - about 7 minute walk
Best bits : The lovely lounge and lighting plus the nice fresh sandwiches and warm scones   
Worst bits : None but if I have to write something  just think they could of offered us more food  
Value for money : Yes defiantly with my voucher and for such a  nice hotel.
would I go back? : Yes I would go back maybe Christmas 2022 

Happy New Year to you all and here's to many new afternoon teas in 2022

Sunday 12 December 2021

Very nice Christmas afternoon tea in the drawing room at Dukes Mayfair London

 Yesterday I treated my mum to a Christmas afternoon tea at Dukes hotel Mayfair London. 

It was a small hotel and very traditional looking inside with a small reception decorated with a lovely Christmas tree. I booked it a few weeks ago and it is priced at £39 each. 

I had not been here before and it was easy to get too and I thought the menu sounded nice. 

Selection of Finger Sandwiches Orange & maple glazed turkey – sage & onion stuffing on white bread Baked hamMontgomery cheddar – fig relish on granary bread Severn & wye smoked salmon
soured cream – on beetroot bread Cream cheese – ginger pickled cucumber on onion bread

Festive cakes and treats

Cranberry & apricot scones & Plain scones
Freshly baked daily by our pastry chef
Clotted cream, plum jam

The afternoon tea is severed in the drawing room which was just like a front room with a large fireplace. The fire was not lit which was a shame. We choose a small table for two next to the fireplace. 

The table was laid with white plates and cups and saucers plus a crisp white cotton napkin. 

The waitress handed a menu to us and poured a glass of water each. We explained that the only sandwich we did not want was the salmon so they changed it for an extra ham one each. 
We both ordered a cappuccino and after about 20 minutes the tea stand arrived. 

It all looked very nice with different breads used to make the sandwiches. So we got four sandwiches each and was offered some more if we wanted. We both decided not to be greedy as wanted to save room for scones and cakes !!!!!!  My mum liked the ham and cheeses one best and I liked the turkey with stuffing. They were very tasty and fresh and my mum who likes plain food said they were perfect for her. She can be fussy at times . 

We ordered another coffee, an Americano each with warm milk on the side. It was then time to eat the scones. They were still warm , a plain one each and cranberry and apricot one each with plum jam and clotted cream......Yummm

They were extremely nice scones with a light buttery inside and crisp on outside. They were homemade and freshly baked just how I like them. My mum commented how nice they were too. 

I found them very filling but still managed to eat them both smothered in the jam and clotted cream. 

Cake time next and we had four differed ones each 

The cakes consisted of a real egg shell in gold egg cup filled with a creamy eggnog custard with crunchy sugar top. I think it had alcohol in but not sure what , I liked it but my mum was not keen. 
The green ball shaped one was a profiterole with crunch coating. It had a cream inside but we were not sure what the flavour was. Next I had the dome shaped one which looked and tasted like a Christmas pudding.....clever and we liked the taste of it. Lastly we had the chocolate cake which was indulgent, chocolaty and our favourite.
To finish I had another cup of coffee...

We thought it was a very nice small hotel with good standard of service and food. 

Nearest Station : Green Park underground  station - about 6 minute walk
Best bits : Lovely fresh sandwiches and delicious scones also nice cosy room were the tea is served     
Value for money : Yes as I had 3 coffees and we got offered more food
would I go back? : Yes I would 

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Buyagift discount code

 Grab yourself a bargain voucher for a lovely afternoon tea from buyagift. Place order before midnight on Saturday 11th and quote below codes to get discount

Get £10 off if you spend £30 plus, £20 off £60 plus spend and £30 off £90 plus spend 

Just quote code HOHOHO

I have saved a fortune on afternoon teas by doing this in the past. There are so many to choose from so treat yourself for Christmas

Sunday 5 December 2021

Winter wonderland afternoon tea at the chesterfield Mayfair London

 On Thursday I had an amazing Christmas afternoon tea and catch up with my friend. 

I have been to the chesterfield a few times now so knew it would be a good one. It certainly lived up to the previous times and the Christmas theme was a lovely touch . The Winter Wonderland afternoon tea is priced at £55 each 

The hotel is down a side road close to green park station. The reception lobby is small but always decorated nice for Christmas. There was a large Christmas tea at the side and then a table in the middle of lobby with a very  large real  gingerbread house all lit up. The attention to detail was amazing. 

After taking a few photos we were shown to the conservatory just off  restaurant where they serve the afternoon tea. I noticed that the restaurant had some Christmas decorations scattered around but there was nothing Christmassy in the conservatory which was a shame. 

We choose a table in the corner and was handed the afternoon tea menu. Click link below 

winter wonderland afternoon tea menu

The waiter checked our allergies and then have us a small glass of warm mulled wine. I did not think I would like it but it was actually very nice

Whilst waiting for the tea stand to arrive we both ordered our hot drinks. I choose the fruit salad flavour tea which I had had before and enjoyed. Normally I do not like tea but this just tasted sweet and fruity. 

Because my friend did not want any meat sandwiches they gave us a stand of food each as they thought she was vegetarian and she also got less cakes as some contained gelatine. 

The stands were full especially my top plate which contained eight different lovely looking cakes !!!!

We both got five sandwiches each and they were all very fresh and tasty . I liked that they were in different flavours of bread. My favourite ones were Pulled Ham Hock, Brie and Spiced Apple Chutney on Onion Bread and Turkey Mayonnaise and Cranberry on White Bread. The waiter asked us if we wanted any more so we both ordered the vegetarian one of goats cheese and vegetables which was lovely. 

The scones were next to eat and we got two each, a chocolate one and a cranberry one served with homemade strawberry jam which was really nice and clotted cream. The scones were not warm and they were nice but I have had better. Don't get me wrong they still tasted very good but i thought they were a bit dry inside. 

We both ordered another hot drink before tucking into the nicely decorated cakes. 

There were eight  different types of cake and we got one each which was very generous


First I had the ginger cupcake with the cute gingerbread man on top of cream cheese frosting. It was very tasty ....

If you like chocolate like me you will enjoy the chocolate log slice and the chocolate flower pot filled with a chocolate and coffee cream . As there were so many cakes to try just had half of each of them as started to feel quite full. The macaroon was orange flavour which I liked too. 

To be honest with you I liked all the cakes and was very impressed with both the look and taste of them. 

The waiter offered us more of everything and I think if you want you can take some home in a box. 

After paying the bill the waiter told us we could choose three different types of sweets from the many jars on the sweet cart. The sweet cart goes with the Sweetie theme afternoon tea which I had before and also recommend. I think this is an ideal place to take children too for afternoon tea. 


I would defiantly recommend this afternoon tea as a special Christmas treat

Nearest Station : Green Park underground  station - about 7 minute walk
Best bits : Lovely fresh sandwiches and delicious Christmas themed cakes. Also the amount of food we got    
Value for money : Yes as you can have extra of everything and very nice hotel.
would I go back? : Yes I would defiantly as this was probably my 4 visit here 

Sunday 28 November 2021

Morrisons Christmas afternoon tea - Disappointing

 Today me and my mum decided to try the Christmas afternoon tea in our local Morrison supermarket cafe. We had been there before last year for the normal afternoon tea and thought it was excellent value at £10 for two. 

The Christmas one was £12 for two and you get a mince pie with clotted cream instead of a  scone.  

It was quite when arrived and  was told it could be a 30 minute wait .....not sure why as not busy. To be honest I don't think many people order the afternoon tea as they did not really know what it consists of and had to seek help from the manager. I think we also confused them by saying no mayonnaise or fish sandwiches. 

We helped ourselves to a coffee each from the machine and sat down . It's good that you can have as many coffees or teas as you want !!!

After about 20 minutes the tea stand arrived. 

Slightly disappointed as we only got 3 triangle sandwiches each which made me wonder what they did with the forth triangle from each sandwich. We got a cheese and tomato in white bread  and also cheese and ham in brown bread. They were nice and fresh. 

The mince pie was ok but nothing special and would of been nicer if served warm. I liked it with the clotted cream.

On the top tier we just got a slice of ginger cake each and a little cheesecake pot with fruit sauce on top. I  think we should of got a slice of lemon cake as well but the waitress said they had run out. 

Unfortunately the ginger cake was very dry as I think had been left out for a while. We did not really enjoy it however I did like the little pot of cheesecake. 

Nearest Station : Not sure as local to me
Best bits : Can help yourself to as many teas or coffees as you want from machine
Worst bits : Dry ginger cake, I wish I had complained now
Value for money : It was cheap but that was reflected in the quantity and quality of food
would I go back? : No not for a while maybe in the summer for the normal afternoon tea.

Sunday 21 November 2021

The Tea Terrace at House of Fraser , Oxford Street London

 Yesterday me and my mum had a lovely afternoon tea at The Tea Terrace which is inside House Of Fraser store on Oxford Street.  I booked it in advance and glad I did as whilst there it got busy. Booking is not always required as there was quite a few walk ins. 

Its a lovely pretty pink cafe on the first floor of the store complete with a Cinderella carriage seating table. The chairs are pink and white velvet and some of the walls have pretty pink flowers on to match the wall on the entrance .  The attention to detail is lovely and perfect for a little girls tea party. The china plates and tea cups were lovely dainty floral pink or blue colours. 

As well as serving  afternoon tea you could just order a drink or  breakfast and they had sandwiches , jacket potatoes plus lots of lovely sounding cakes on the menu. We ordered the traditional afternoon tea for 2 but they also had a vegan option and Gluten Free. Click below for full menu 

Tea Terrace menu - Oxford Street

Our Tea was priced at £50.45 for 2 and included 1 hot drink each from the menu . What I liked about this was that we could choose our 2 sandwiches each plus 2 scones each from 6 different types. It was a great idea as my mum can be a bit fussy with sandwiches !!!!

STEP 1: SANDWICHES: With both these afternoon teas, you choose your own sandwiches. Choose two of the following sandwich fillings if you're having the afternoon tea for one, or choose 4 for the afternoon tea for two. ~ Ham and Tomato ~ Cucumber & Cream Cheese ~ Cheddar Cheese & Chutney ~ Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber ~ Scottish Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese ~ Chicken Mayonnaise & Lettuce ~ Free Range Egg Mayonnaise with Salad Cress Our sandwiches are made with our delicious artisan bread (spinach flavoured & beetroot flavoured sliced bread, with subtle flavouring). But you can ask your server for plain white or brown bread if you prefer. 

STEP 2: SCONES: you each get two delicious warm scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Choose from six flavours of scones (plain, fruit scones, apple and cinnamon, cranberry and white chocolate, ginger scones, or cheese scones). 

STEP 3: DESSERTS: you each get four mini desserts served with fresh strawberries on the side: mini rich Chocolate Brownie, a mini Coffee Eclair, a mini Vanilla Panna Cotta on a Sable Biscuit, and a mini Lemon Tart with a delicious Meringue topping. Served with fresh strawberries. 

STEP 4: DRINKS: You each get to choose from 17 flavours of tea in a teapot, or a large mug of coffee or hot chocolate from our extensive selection 

Once we had chosen the waitress brought over our drinks in a large mug and saucer along with a metal birdcage style tea stand. 

The sandwiches were what we had asked for expect the ham and tomato was missing the tomato but my mum did not mind. Our Cheese and chutney sandwich could of had bit less chutney inside and more cheese but it was still nice and very fresh. We had brown bread but was given option of white too if we wanted. 

Next we had the scones which were freshly baked and still warm. We both choose the apple and cinnamon one and cranberry and white chocolate. We got a small pot of Tiptree strawberry jam each and a large spoon of clotted cream. Both scones were nice and light and crumbly inside , delicious with the jam and cream. 

The top tier of cakes were small but we got one each plus fresh strawberries. They were all OK but nothing special. 

Overall really nice afternoon tea and I liked the fact you can choose your sandwiches and scones. 

Nearest Station : Oxford Circus underground  station - about 5 minute walk
Best bits : The pretty decorated room and fact you could choose your sandwiches and scones   
Value for money : Yes I think it was OK at £25 each  
would I go back? : Yes I would but the House of Fraser store is closing next year which is a shame.

Wednesday 20 October 2021

Lovely afternoon tea with excellent service at Corinthia hotel London

 On Sunday I went to my forth and final Birthday afternoon tea. 

This afternoon tea was on Instagram a few months ago and when I saw it had a cake trolley I just had to go. So my mum took me there for my birthday treat....and it was such a lovely treat at that !!!!!

It is priced at £60 each or £70 with a glass of champagne

The hotel was large and very nicely decorated. Afternoon tea is served in the crystal moon lounge which is in the middle of the hotel. Once you see the big light hanging down from the  domed glass ceiling you will understand why it's called the crystal moon lounge. The huge light is made up of 1001 crystals with just one single red crystal.  It's such a statement light and something that I will always remember about this hotel. 

We was shown to our table which was nicely laid with expensive china and glasses. I know it was expensive as they sell it in the hotel lobby shop. The champagne flutes cost £350 for 2 and the cup and saucer is around £100 for both pieces. The china is black and white checked design and they also have the same in  red . The manager explained during our afternoon tea that each table has just one place setting in red to go with the single red crystal in the light. 

The tables were small and low down to go with the comfy leather armchairs. It had a very relaxing feel about it. Music was playing in the background which later changed to live piano music which was very nice. 

Once seated we has handed the menu and offered tea or coffee and champagne . As it was my birthday I had a glass of Laurent Perrier in the lovely champagne glass . 

The waitress asked if we had any allergies and then brought out a silver tray each with 5 different sandwiches on . She placed them on a little side table next to us. 

They all tasted very nice 😋 I liked the coronation chicken one and the beef one best. 

When we had finished the waitress brought over a tray with an assortment of sandwiches for us to choose extra ones if we wanted. I had another coronation chicken one and beef one. 

Then a wooden box was placed on the side table along with 2 pots of different jams and a pot of clotted cream. There was a strawberry jam and then a rhubarb jam . I tried both of them but preferred the strawberry one. We got a plain scone and a fruit one each . They were still warm and light and fluffy inside..... delicious 😋

Whilst tucking into the scones we ordered another coffee each and then along came the cake trolley packed full of lovely looking cakes. 

The waitress brought over a tall 3 tier cake stand which was placed on the floor next to us. 

She then explained what the cakes were and served them onto a plate on the stand. We got 1 of each of the 4 types. She then put 2 different flavors of Marshmallow , coconut macaroon and chocolate nut cluster each onto the 3rd plate on the stand. So much food to eat and I was already feeling full after the scones !!!!!

The cakes were all nice but our favorite was by far the chocolate hazelnut one. Very rich and  chocolatey with the crunch of the nuts. 

By now we both were feeling rather full after eating all the cakes and did not expect what came next 

The waitress brought over a large cake in a glass bowl stand with a candle in and happy birthday plaque made of chocolate.  Thankfully they did not sing happy birthday to me. 

The cake was a traditional German style cake with a cheesecake filling in the middle and little shortbread biscuits plus lots of blueberries which I love. There was also white chocolate shards on the top. I noticed that every table got one of these at the end not just for birthdays.  We cut the cake in half . It was really nice but I could only manage a little bit of it as I felt so full up. 

It was such a lovely afternoon tea in a lovely hotel. The service we received was excellent and the manager was constantly walking around the tables chatting and making sure everyone was ok . 

There was plenty of food on offer and nice that extra sandwiches are offered. I am sure that   we would of got extra scones or cakes too if we had asked. 

Glad I saved the best afternoon tea till last for my birthday....


Nearest Station : Embankment  underground  station - about 5 minute walk
Best bits : The service and quality of the food. Also the lovely German cake in the bowl at the end 
Worst bits : Nothing to mention all very nice  
Value for money : It was expensive but worth it  for the luxury feel and service  
would I go back? : Yes I would for a special occasion