Monday 30 May 2022

Clermont afternoon tea - Charing Cross London

 Much needed afternoon tea today with my mum. It's been a few weeks since my last afternoon tea so was looking forward to this one. 

This is a lovely hotel next to Charing Cross station. I had a brunch here with my hubby which we enjoyed so decided to try the afternoon tea. 

I got a good deal by buying a Groupon voucher with a discount code . I paid £42.50 for two with a glass of bubbly each which is good value compared to the menu price of £70 for two !!!!!!

The hotel is very grand inside with a large sweeping staircase case up to the restaurant . I would say it has a slight Art Deco feel to the hotel interior but with a modern twist. 

The afternoon tea is served in the lovely lounge that has  large floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Strand below. It has velvet chairs and bench seats with  cushions. and bright floral china on the tables. There are gold pillars and chandeliers which have a leaf design. It feels very bright and cozy and I liked all the hanging pots of artificial plants. 

Once seated we was handed the menu and asked if we had any allergies. 

A glass of bubbly was brought over to us and we ordered a cappuccino each . About 15 minutes later the tea stand arrived 

As my mum does not like mayonnaise they gave her a plate of sandwiches specially made for her. We got four finger sandwiches each which were extremely  fresh and tasty. I liked the ham one best. 

I was slightly disappointed that we only got two scones between us and the fruit one was small compared to the plain one. There was 2 mini jars of jam raspberry one and strawberry one plus pot of thick clotted cream. The scones were still warm and we cut them in half to share. I must say I enjoyed them and they were nice and light inside. 

After the scones I ordered another coffee before tucking into the four cakes we got each. 

The chocolate orange tart was very nice and so was the pink buttercream topped sponge with raspberries inside. I thought the macaroon was not that great but the mini Victoria sponge was nice. 
We did not get the Earl Grey panna cotta mentioned on the menu and I did not realize this was missing until I started to write this blog.
 It did not matter too much as we left the hotel full and content.

Nearest Station :    Charing Cross  - about 2 minute walk 
Best bits : The lovely lounge and fresh sandwiches  
Worst bits :  Only 2 scones between us and fruit one was small. 
Value for money : Yes defiantly if you have the Groupon voucher   
would I go back? :  Yes as I like this hotel inside and where it is by the station. 

Tuesday 10 May 2022

Copthorne Tara Hotel Groupon afternoon tea - Kensington London


Saturday I took my mum for a bargain afternoon tea using a Groupon voucher. It was a Prosecco afternoon tea for 2 at the great bargain price £23.95. that is under £12 each which is amazing !!!!!!

The normal price is £19 each without the Prosecco

I was not expecting it to be like the posh London hotels but the menu and photos online looked good so decided to give it a go.

We got a underground train to high street Kensington station and then it was just a 5 minutes walk from there. 

It was a very large modern style hotel that lacked the character of some older posher London hotels but looked ok. The reception area inside was huge and very busy. 

The afternoon tea is served in a lounge area along a corridor. Its small and decorated in floral and bird wallpaper with two small chandeliers handing from the ceiling and some wall lights. 

The tables were laid out with mismatched cups and saucers and plates in a shabby chic style. The napkins were paper and not cloth and we was not given a menu to look at. 

Our waitress asked if we had any allergies and and we said no but informed her that we do not like fish and that my mum no mayonnaise. She asked us what we wanted to drink and we both ordered a cappuccino. 

The coffee was in a large mug and tasted very nice and creamy.

Whilst waiting a few more people arrived for afternoon tea and I wondered if they too had a voucher deal. 

We waited about 25 minutes for the afternoon tea stand to arrive, it was nice shape with oblong plates on the stand. The waitress also brought out a glass of Prosecco each which was disappointing as it was served in a plastic glass !!!!!  It tasted OK but I could not understand the reasons for not serving it in a proper glass. Just did not make sense to me. 

The afternoon tea looked very different from the below photo online from the hotel 

We had to ask the waitress what was in the sandwiches and she said no mayonnaise or fish. I think that there may of been some mayonnaise in the cheese one as it was like the cheese and onion spread you buy in tubs from supermarkets. My mum said it was nice as she could not taste the mayonnaise . The chicken sandwiches were more like chicken pate but tasted nice. We did like all five of the sandwiches and they were fresh and in different types of bread. 

Next we had the fruit scone each was was large and still warm. To go with the scone we got a mini pot of Tiptree strawberry jam  and mini pot of clotted cream each. 

It was a nice scone but nothing special. 

Before tucking into the cakes I ordered an Americano coffee. We got  four different little cakes to share and a tiny glass filled with fresh cream and raspberry coulis each. 

The cakes consisted of  an almond tart, raspberry choux bun, apple cake and a cream fruit gateaux. 

We cut them in half so we could both try them 

They all tasted nice but once again nothing amazing and not sure if made in house or brought in ready made. 

Overall it was a good afternoon tea for £12 however not sure I would feel the same paying £19 each without the Prosecco !!!!!!!

Nearest Station :    High Street Kensington underground  - about 5 minute walk 
Best bits : The sandwiches with different types of bread  
Worst bits :  The Prosecco in a plastic glass,  felt cheap but tasted OK 
Value for money : Yes defiantly if you have the Groupon voucher   
would I go back? :  No I do not think so