Monday 27 March 2023

Best value afternoon tea at Morrisons cafe

 This has to be the best value afternoon tea I have had............priced at £12.99 for two

Yes that's correct £6.50 each and we got coffee refills included in this !!! I think this is my 4th afternoon tea at Morrisons.

It's certainly not posh and you do not get the 5 star  hotel service but the food is extremely nice and fresh. It's ideal for a last minute lunch or afternoon treat with a friend.

I went to my local Morrisons in Chingford  on Friday with my friend for lunch and ordered this. We had to wait about 20 minutes for it to arrive which was fine as we helped ourselves to a cappuccino from the hot drinks machine. 

The bottom plate had ham sandwiches and egg mayonnaise sandwiches both on white bread. We got 4 triangles each equivalent to a 2 slice sandwich each. They were lovely and very fresh. 

The middle plate had my favorite on, scones with a mini pot of jam each and mini tub of clotted cream each. Morrisons bakery scones are extremely good. Full of dried fruit and topped with sugar which gives them a crunchy outside. They are big too so one each is plenty. 

On the top plate we got a slice of strawberry cheesecake, slice of lemon loaf cake and brownie square each. All of which were very nice but we both liked the cheesecake best. They were all generous in size too. In fact we had to take the cake and brownie home as too full up. 


Best bits : The delicious scones with cream and jam and the slice of cheesecake
Worst bits : Nothing    
Value for money : Yes defiantly cannot fault the food we got especially for the price paid.  
would I go back? : Yes of course i will  

Thursday 23 March 2023

Cat Afternoon Tea for Mothers day - Java Whiskers Marylebone London

 For Mothers day this year I decided to try a different type of afternoon tea in a cat cafe called Java Whiskers based in Marylebone London. I went with my daughter and took my mum as a Mothers Day treat for her as she loves all types of  animals and thought this would be a bit different. 

I was not expecting the afternoon tea to be anything special like some of the 5 star hotels I have been too. However being around the he cats would make up for it. 

It was not cheap at £47.00 each with choice of 1 drink each for 2 hours . Some of the money goes towards the care and rehoming of the cats so I did not mind. You can just pay to visit the cat or kitten lounge without the afternoon tea and buy drinks and food from the cafe if you want.   

Yes they have a kitten lounge but you cannot have the afternoon tea in there...there's always a next time for the kitten lounge !!!!!

Upon arriving we had to wait to be called into the lounge and was  informed of the rules which all make sense to protect us and the cats. You also have to remove your shoes and wash your hands before entering the cat room.  The lady took our drinks order and informed us that the savories were vegetarian only which was fine by us. I guess this is so the cats are not tempted by the smell and try to pinch the food. 

We had a nice table in the main section of the room which was very cozy looking just like a lounge at home but with tables and chairs instead of a sofa . There were a few cats lying on the floor  amongst an array of cat toys and furry rugs. I must admit there was a slight cat smell in the room but I am used to this having two cats myself. 

As soon as my mum sat down a friendly black and white cat called Hackney jumped onto her lap which was nice. 

The waitress brought over our drinks and about 10 minutes later the afternoon tea stand. 

On the bottom plate we got a toasted cheese type sandwich each and a pastry slice containing mushrooms and feta cheese I think . They were still slightly warm and tasted nicer than they looked. 

Whilst eating we were introduced to the cats and given a bit of info about them. There was probably only around 8 cats in total and some of them had been adopted and were off to their forever homes soon. Java Whiskers works with the Scratching Post cat rehoming center and its aim to look after the cats and help with finding them  homes. 

The scones were just plain ones which was good as my daughter does not like the fruit ones. They were very big and still warm. We got a mini pot of jam each and a dish of clotted cream to share. 

I think this tabby cat could smell the cream as he jumped onto my lap. Unfortunately you are not allowed to feed them which is a shame but I totally understand why. 

Next we had the cakes on the top plate and there were quite a few to share between 3 of us 

We got a lemon tart topped with a meringue and red sauce which was probably my favorite. 
Then I had the raspberry muffin which was lovely and moist with fresh raspberries inside. 
I choose the chocolate macaron and then lastly the rich chocolaty brownie square which was lovely if you like chocolate. 

Whilst enjoying our food we could walk around the room and stroke and pay with the cats. Most of them seemed to enjoy the attention but if they had enough there were plenty of hiding places for them. 

Overall it was a nice afternoon with the cats and nice food. I  think for the price we paid they could have  offered us another drink each for free. 

Nearest Station : Oxford Circus  station - about 10 minute walk
Best bits : The scones with cream and jam and the Lemon Tart . It was also nice spending time with the cats
Worst bits : Only 1 drink each included   
Value for money : I have to say yes as part of the money goes towards helping the cats find new homes  
would I go back? : Maybe as I am tempted to visit the Kitten lounge but may find it hard to resist adopting one