Sunday 24 April 2022

Rabot Hotel chocolate afternoon tea - Borough Market, London

Saturday 23rd April 2022 

Had a lovely afternoon tea today with my mum after a stroll around Borough market . This is my third visit to this restaurant and second afternoon tea here. I had a Buyagift gift voucher for this which cost £49 for two with a glass of Prosecco. The normal price is £35 each plus extra £5 for glass of Prosecco. So by buying the voucher at discount price I got a good deal. 

I like the setting of this restaurant with its outside terrace overlooking the market below.  It also gave  me an excuse to buy some chocolate almond croissants for Sunday morning and some meat pies for dinner. 

When you walk into Rabot there is small busy cafe downstairs and in the corner a display and shop selling the lovely chocolates. The cafe is where you can grab a quick drink including the delicious creamy hot chocolate flavored drinks and snacks. Upstairs is the restaurant and terrace where we were seated for our afternoon tea. 

We was handed the menu and the waiter acknowledge our allergies and dislikes I had mentioned on the booking.

 Egg Mayonnaise Brioche 
 Pea & Tarragon Mousse on Rye Sourdough 
 Gin Salmon, Cream Cheese & Dill Lightly smoked Scottish salmon, 
 Creole Chicken with Pumpkin Mayonnaise 
 Marinated Beef & White Chocolate Horseradish 
Strawberry & Vanilla Cheesecake 
 Chocolate & Cherry Gâteau Opéra 
 Fresh-Baked Sultana Scone & Cinnamon Scone Lavish your way. Strawberry jam, clotted cream or 70% chocolate ganache 
 Tasting Chocolates Ask your server for today’s selection. Accompanied by cacao beans. 

We waited about 20 minutes for the afternoon tea to arrive but did not mind as we chatted away and sipped our proseeco. 

It arrived  on a wooden stand and looked very nice. The sandwiches had been made fresh especially for us without mayonnaise and instead of salmon we got two beef ones each. They made us just plain egg sandwiches and plain chicken ones. I loved the chicken one best as it had little chocolate nibs in which gave it a slight crunch and nutty taste. 
I ordered a cappuccino and my mum tried the hazelnut praline hot chocolate. She said it was nice and made a change from coffee. 

Next we had the scones which were still warm

On the wooden plate were three white pots one with strawberry jam , one clotted cream and third one a chocolate ganache cream which was nice on the scones and not too sweet just very  chocolaty 

After the scones which were lovely I ordered a salted caramel hot chocolate and my mum had a coffee this time. 

With this afternoon tea you only get two very small cakes and two chocolates. However I think the sandwiches and scones are generous in size.  Also we got one chocolate each plus a large chocolate covered shortbread biscuit so could not complain as this was really nice and perfect with my hot chocolate drink which was lush  !!!!!
The two cakes we got each  just could of been a tiny bit bigger as they were really nice and very different from each other in flavor. The biscuit base of the creamy cheesecake had chocolate nibs in and the the cherry cake was a bit like a black forest cake. 

At the end of the tea and the cake stand empty i asked the waiter if we had anything to pay as had given them the voucher ? 
We got a bill just for the second drinks we had, I was not surprised but just think that they could include two drinks each in the price !!!!!!

Overall lovely afternoon tea in a great place 

Nearest Station :     London Bridge - about 5 minute walk however we went to Monument station and walked across London Bridge which took only 9 minutes 
Best bits : Scones with chocolate ganache spread and chicken sandwich plus the location 
Worst bits :  Nothing really apart from charging for second hot drink 
Value for money : Yes with discount voucher but at £35 each I  would want slightly bigger cakes  
would I go back? :  Yes I would 


Sunday 3 April 2022

Chocoholic Easter Afternoon tea at Podium Hilton Park Lane, London

 This afternoon never fails to disappoint.....It must be around my 6th visit there. I call it the chocolate plate one which I will explain later!!!!!

I went there Friday April fools day and also the first day of their Easter theme afternoon tea. They changed the theme with special occasions and I have also been to the Christmas themed one. 

My friend Michelle came with me and we celebrated her birthday.  The Hotel is large modern and luxurious inside and worthy of the £32 price for the afternoon tea.

We were shown our table and handed the menu

Our waitress took our drinks order and asked if we had any allergies. I ordered a cappuccino and my friend a pot of breakfast tea. Our waitress Najat was very friendly and enthusiast and could not do enough for us. She made us feel special and relaxed.

First came the sandwiches on separate plates . Mine had no fish  so I got two mini coronation chicken rolls and two egg mayonnaise sandwiches plus a cucumber and cream cheese one . They were very fresh and I liked the little  chicken brioche roll best it was very nice. 

Once we had finished our sandwiches the waitress brought over the cake stand which was oblong in shape . It contained four scones plus six  cakes which looked amazing and very pretty. 

The scones were still warm and we got a plain one each and then we shared a fruit one and a chocolate one by cutting in  half each. As well as the traditional jam and clotted cream we got a pot of salted caramel sauce which tasted delicious on the scones. The scones were lovely and light and fluffy inside. 

We both enjoyed them very much..... 

After ordering another drink we started on the cakes . We cut them in half which seemed a shame as they looked so pretty and a lot of work had gone into making them. I prefer to get two of each types of cake rather than cutting them in half but they were a good size and even I would not of been able to eat whole ones 

All the cakes were really nice but we both thought the panna cotta in half a chocolate egg was lovely and so creamy 

I also liked the Lemon and Blueberry sponge cake with nest on top and the chocolate choux banana bun. 

As it was an Easter theme some of the cakes had chocolate mini eggs one as well as fondant flowers and  chocolate decorations. 

 I almost forgot to explain why I call it the chocolate plate afternoon tea...............

Well the first time I went here with my mum a few years ago the cakes on the top tier sat upon a plate that was made of solid white chocolate with a gold dust. My mum did not believe the plate was made of chocolate until I broke it in half !!!!! It was nice chocolate too.  Evert time I have been there since there is a chocolate plate which is different and goes with the theme at the time. 

This time it was a green chocolate oblong with sugar sprinkled over it 

I had a lovely afternoon at the Podium  chatting to my friend over a wonderful afternoon tea with excellent service from Najat. We did not get offered any more food but I think if we had asked she would of given us some extras. We only just managed to finish the food we had and felt very full after. 

Nearest Station :     Green Park underground - about 8 minute walk
Best bits : Everything but best off all the salted caramel spread on the scones and pretty decorated  cakes 
Worst bits :  Nothing  
Value for money : Yes extremely good value for what we got plus it is a nice hotel 
would I go back? :  Yes defiantly for the Christmas theme one or maybe sooner !!!