Tuesday 31 December 2019

Review of past 6 months 2019

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Well it has been a  very busy 6 months for afternoon teas since i started this blog in August 2019.
I have dragged my hubby to some which he had a little moan about i think he likes it really. Then my mum offered to come with me as she loves her cakes as much as i do.
My favourite afternoon teas from below would be St Pancras Renaissance, Podium Hilton Park Lane and of course the famous Savoy.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my reviews and looking at the photos. Let me know if you have tried any of them ?

Montcalm , Marble Arch
Royal Horseguards, Embankment
Huttons Cafe, Wickford Essex

Cafe Concerto, Westfield Stratford
Rabot 1745, Borough Market London

Toby carvery, Buckhurst Hill Essex
Beagle bar The Manor House, Cotswolds
Savoy Hotel, London

Merry Fiddlers Pub, Epping Essex

Cafe Rouge, Loughton Essex
Waldolf Hilton , London
Podium Hilton Park Lane, London
St Pancras Renaissance , London

Monday 30 December 2019

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

Monday 30th December
My last afternoon tea for 2019 which did not disappoint . I booked it via afternoontea.co.uk and it was priced at £45 each for Christmas tea with free flowing bubbles.

From the moment we walked into the hotel lobby i knew it would be good.......the lobby was huge and open plan. it is set inside the old original station and was like being inside a grand church with tall ceiling and arches. There was lots of comfy sofas and tables with armchairs and in the centre of the huge area was a bar and then various rooms including restaurants from each side of the old station.

We arrived about 20 minutes which was not a problem as our table for 2 was all ready waiting for us. It was small but the chairs were nice and comfy. Our waiter was called Bartholomew and he was very attentive and provided excellent service thought out our tea experience. He asked us a few times if we had any allergies to which i replied no but that i did not eat fish. My hubby will eat anything!!!! He then poured us a glass of Chapel Down Brut which was very nice. Instead of a clear glass we had a brass type goblet each which i thought was different and quirky.  He then got us our hot drinks and topped up our glasses.....this he did continuous throughout the  2 hours service.

We waited about 30 minutes for the sandwiches to arrive which came on a plate each. He did forget that i did not eat fish so had to change mine and bring a new plate out for me. The sandwiches on offer were as below

Egg & truffle mayonnaise with chives on spinach bread
Roast Norfolk Turkey, wild cranberry & thyme compote with watercress on walnut bread
Chapel & Swan smoked salmon, lemon crème fraiche & dill on dark bread
Cucumber, Maldon salt butter & mint on lemon bread
Crayfish, avocado, citrus mayonnaise & broadleaf cress on brioche

We both agreed that the Cucumber one tasted amazing with the butter and i really liked the walnut bread on the turkey one.

Next came a plate each of 5 cakes which looked lovely.....I thought it was good that we had a cake each and would not have to cut any in half !!!
At first i thought they had forgotten the scones which normally come after the sandwiches but my hubby pointed out that the scones are listed last on the menu.
The cakes were as below and the photo

Double chocolate Fondant Fancy parcel
Vanilla and raspberry celebration wreath
Strawberry and coconut bauble
Dark chocolate and mandarin mousse Christmas tree
White chocolate and cranberry opera cake

By now i was feeling rather tipsy and the waiter had opened another bottle for us which he left in an ice bucket by our table. It was also getting dark outside which you could see through the glass panels
 in the roof. The spot lights lit up the arches which looked spectacular. 

Lastly came the scones which were warm and freshly baked , a plain one  each and a raisin one each with 2 different jams and pot of clotted cream. Yummy as these are my favorite part normally but this time i think i liked the sandwiches best. 

We had such a lovely afternoon in this stunning hotel with excellent service provided by Batholomew our waiter. 

Nearest Station  : St Pancras  - Approx 10 minute walk.   
Best bits : Cucumber and the chicken sandwiches, lovely location and excellent service  
Worst bits : None  
Value for money : Yes defo considering how much we drunk and the standard of the food and service

would I go back?  :  Yes without a doubt 

Tuesday 24 December 2019


Image result for christmas santa and cake cartoonHi
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Enjoy your afternoon teas if you have had a chance to book one and treat yourself

Tuesday 17 December 2019

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Sunday 15 December 2019

Podium restaurant Hilton Park Lane , London

Sunday 15th December

This is one of my favourite Afternoon Tea venues and the Christmas themed tea did NOT disappoint !!!!! I got it via Buyagift  when they were offering 24% discount . It cost about £44 for champagne tea for 2. Normal menu price  £49 each !!!!! BARGAIN.
Also i need to mention that the pastry chefs who created this tea won The bake off Professionals in 2018.

Upon entering the lobby you could not help but notice the extremely large Christmas tree covered in hundreds of fairy lights. And the entrance to the restaurant off the lobby was decorated for Christmas and on a table was a little moving village scene, loved the train going round the track.

We was shown to our table which had a little artificial Christmas tree on in a pot. The waitress checked for our allergies or dislikes and then asked if we wanted to start with the champagne...which of course was a YES from me.
First came the tray of sandwiches , i had chicken with lime mayo mini roll , cucumber and cream cheese sandwich and pastrami beef on mini roll. All of these were tasty but chicken was my favourite one. There were also 2 fish ones on the menu.

Whilst waiting for the cakes we ordered a cappuccino each. The restaurant was getting busy by now but the service was very good and plenty of waiters checking to see if we was OK and offering us more coffee and topping up our water glass.
When the cake stand arrived it looked amazing better than the photos i had seen.

There was 2 plain scones , 1 chocolate and one raisin with salted caramel spread, strawberry jam and of course clotted cream. The scones were still warm and we both agreed they were the best scones we have had for a long time......and we have had lots of scones recently !!!!!  They were so nice we had to ask for an extra one each to which they kindly brought us 3 , one of each type.
The cakes were decorated so nice and very christmassy and included Chocolate & Chestnut Tart, Passion & Coconut Log, Mulled Wine Bauble, Strawberry & Lime Parfait and Iced Christmas Surprise Letter plus Chocolate Christmas Tree sitting on a white chocolate decorated rectangle plate.
They all tasted good but i think my favourite was the Strawberry & Lime Parfait and Iced Christmas Surprise Letter.  The surprise was inside when you broke the biscuit in half to find a tiny chocolate heart, sprinkle shapes and edible paper with joke on.  The attention to detail was amazing and a lot of thought must of gone into designing this tea.
I loved the biscuit letter so much that cheekily asked if i could take one home for my son. They handed me a box with one in at the end to take home. 

Would defiantly recommend this Afternoon tea and they do different themes throughout the year.

Nearest Station  : Green park - Approx 10 minute walk.   
Best bits : Scones which were warm and fluffy and surprise Santa letter 
Worst bits : None to mention 
Value for money : Yes defo if you can get voucher deal but would still probably pay full price for this 
would I go back?  :  Yes again and again 

Friday 6 December 2019

Sugar Plum Fairy Afternoon Tea - Waldolf Hilton Hotel London

Wednesday 4th December

So looking forward to this as booked it weeks ago via Bookatable . I went with my Mum and we thought it would be very Christmassy...........Not quite as good as we were expecting !!!!!! It cost £39 each .....£49  if we wanted a glass of champagne. Decided to just stick with coffee this time as my mum does not drink much anyway.

The hotel was nicely decorated and the afternoon tea was served in the Homage restaurant which was decorated to match the theme. There were white trees with fairy lights and little ballet dancer decorations hanging down and also in the large silver and gold wreaths on the white pillows. It was a large room with tables round the edge and a waiters station in the middle. on the opposite side to our table was a piano which a lady played throughout the tea .

Our table was small with a crisp white tablecloth and little glass vase with fairy decoration in. We informed the waitress of our allergies which i had already noted on the booking. We then waited ......and waited whilst they gave menus and drinks to other tables that had been seated after us !!!! My mum was not impressed as she was feeling hungry by now.  The waiter finally brought over a magical drink which was a small glass cup with blue liquid in. He then used a dropper to add another liquid which turned it purple. Next a clear glass teapot was put on our table in a tray , then dry ice poured around edge to create a magical smoke effect ..........All very dramatic i must say 

We both ordered a cappuccino and then waited about 10 minutes for the sandwiches to arrive only to be given the wrong ones after informing them twice no fish for both of us  and no mayo or mustard for my mum. The waiter apologised and after about another 10 minutes we got the correct ones. I had an egg mayo one , Cheese and chutney one and a beef sandwich plus three little coronation chicken ones on a round slice of pumpernickel bread. These were delicious and my favourite ...wish i had asked for more now as i noticed other tables asking for extra sandwiches.

Considering the restaurant was not that full the service was really slow and we had to wait a while for the cake stand to arrive.

The cake stand looked very nice with warm scones on the bottom plate and on the top little cakes. We had a plain scone each and a orange and raisin scone served with strawberry jam or spiced plum jam plus a pot of clotted cream.
The top plate consisted of a choux bun, opera cake, chocolate mini cake and cute sugar plum fairy iced biscuit. This was stood up in white candy floss.  Cakes were nice but more like a desert as mainly mouse and cream .

After asking for the bill the waiter brought to our table a little white piano with a tiny ballet dancer on which moved around the top to the music. Also on top sat two little macaroons which tasted lovely.
It was a bit quirky but a nice way to finish the tea and went with the whole theme

All in all OK but service could of been much better and would of been nice if they had played some Christmas carols

Nearest Station  : Covent Garden  - Approx 6 minute walk.   
Best bits : little coronation chicken bites and the macaroon at the end  
Worst bits : Service was very slow and they got the sandwiches wrong 
Value for money : I have had better cheaper ones
Would I go back?  :  Yes probably but not for the same themed one 

Wednesday 27 November 2019

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Monday 18 November 2019

The Snowman Afternoon Tea - Cafe Rouge Loughton Essex

Saturday 16th November

The Snowman Afternoon TeaAnother afternoon tea with my mum .....once again got a discount from Groupon so cost me £29.71 instead of normal price £34.95. Not much discount but it sounded good and looked nice in the photo on the website

We was seated in a booth which was very nice and the restaurant was decorated for Christmas with garlands and fairy lights which made it feel Christmassy. We was asked if we wanted the Magical Prosecco to start with and also given the option of the Festive Croque or Mushroom Croque for vegetarian. We both choose the Festive one filled with pulled turkey and a hint of sage, with cranberry ketchup and Dijon mayonnaise plus some Pigs in blankets. My mum asked if they could make it without the mayonnaise which they said would not be a problem.
The Waitress brought over a glass of Magical Prosecco each ........Not sure what was Magical about it but it did taste nice.My mum thought it had more bubbles rising up than normal Prosecco.

After about 15 minutes the Afternoon Tea stand arrived by this time we were both feeling rather hungry. OMG it did not look anything like advertised as the top two plates of food were covered in a blue paint like substance which looked like mould on the scones and crumble!!!!!!
The waitress asked if we wanted anything else so we both ordered a cappuccino which was included in the Afternoon Tea.

After the shock of all the blue we tucked into the warm sandwiches which were very nice and tasty along with the 2 mini pigs in blankets each with were also warm. Next we had the raisin scone which was also warm and came with a mini jar of jam and pot of thick cream covered in the blue slime. They did not look nice but tasted good and nice and fresh. Unfortunately the two white chocolate buttons with the writing had completely melted into a puddle which slightly spoilt it. The fresh strawberry each was a  nice touch.

For the cakes we had 4 each which included a spiced fruit crumble which was still warm a Carrot cake , white chocolate mousse in a glass  topped with a white chocolate snowball and  S’mores marshmallow chocolate cheesecake topped with coconut not orange zest as menu states. These were all very tasty and we both liked best the little chocolate cheesecake S,mores square.
To sum it up food tasted very nice but presentation really let it down so do not be put off too much !!!
I am sure and hope that  if you book this it will look more like the picture and not so BLUE.

Nearest Station  : Loughton on Central Line - Approx 18 minute walk.   
Best bits : Warm toasted sandwich, pigs in blankets and mini chocolate cheesecake.   
Worst bits : Presentation was terrible 
Value for money : Yes i thought so      
Would I go back?  :  Yes as would like to try their normal Afternoon Tea

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Friday 15 November 2019

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Monday 11 November 2019

Merry Fiddlers Pub - Epping Essex

Saturday 9th November 2019

Went here with my mum......it was a voucher deal on groupon at £22 for sparking afternoon tea for 2. Offer is still valid if you fancy giving it a try after reading my review ?

The pub is just on the outskirts of Epping town and in a little village. There is a  large car park which is free but you have to register your car on a touch pad screen just by the bar entrance door. Upon walking in i spotted the lovely lights and warm cosy fire and was greeted by a friendly lady behind the bar. The bar itself was empty but it was early in the day  and the pub had only just opened 30 minutes ago.
I handed the voucher over and was asked if we wanted our Prosecco first ...........which was a yes please from us !!!!!
We was offered a table either in the bar area or the dinning room which was up a couple of steps.  We decided to sit in the dining room. It was very bright with a shabby chic style with  light painted wooden chairs and tables and lovely glass crystal chandeliers hanging from a low ceiling. I noticed a lovely tall glass vase of fresh flowers on the dresser which made it feel very homely. We both  felt the room was cold so a lovely young lady got a electric heater for us and it soon warmed up. 
She then brought out a pot of tea so I had to explain that we do not drink tea and could we have coffee instead....felt bit  bad as I should of informed her to start with. Few minutes later she returned with our coffee.
Then the lady behind the bar came to our table singing Happy Birthday to me whilst putting a plate with a cake and candle on our table. I told her it must be a mistake as was not my birthday and I had not informed them of any birthdays !!!!! She said it must be for me as I was the only Karen booked for 1pm afternoon tea. A confused me thanked her anyway as nice surprise .....my birthday was a month ago !! They definitely made a mistake as about 15 minutes later they sung Happy Birthday to another lady and gave her a slice of cake with candle in too.
The afternoon tea arrived on a 3 tier silver stand and it looked very nice. We had 3 sandwiches each , tomato and cheese, cucumber one and tuna and sweetcorn . They tasted very fresh and had just the right amount of butter......I have had sandwiches in past with no butter inside which are bit dry  unlike these ones ! I think they could  of had another sandwich with different filling on the plate. There was only one raisin scone each but it was a good size with pot of jam and clotted cream. Unfortunately i thought the scone was a bit dry and hard inside like it had been frozen and defrosted. Along with the scones was a fresh fruit skewer each which i enjoyed and thought a very good idea.  Lastly we tucked into the cakes along with our  second cup of coffee. The cakes did not look or taste homemade which was a shame as you cannot beat a piece of homemade
cake ! They all did taste nice but very small slices and i think they could of been more generous in the size of them. Well that's just what we thought as we both have a  sweet tooth.... others may feel it was just the right amount. 
Overall it it was a very pleasant afternoon tea with good service for the money i paid.
By the way my Mum wants me to mention the bathroom had the most lovely smelling hand cream in it !!!!!

Nearest Station  : Probably Epping on central line but i drove.   
Best bits : Fresh sandwiches, friendly staff and nice room   
Worst bits : Slightly dry scones but still tasted OK 
Value for money : Yes for what i paid definitely     
Would I go back?  :  Possibly  

Monday 28 October 2019

Savoy Hotel London - Mission 1 out of 4 completed

Sunday 25th October

Afternoon tea at the famous Savoy Hotel did not disappoint..........
From the grand entrance to the extremely large marbled bathrooms this hotel is in a class of its own.  I guess at £75 each for traditional afternoon tea you should expect nothing but the best.

Upon arriving with my Mum we headed to the bathrooms and Wow it was enormous, larger than the  downstairs of my house. Beautiful black and white marbled floor, lovely paintings on walls and gold baskets full of crisp white flannels to dry hands on . I always say you can judge a good hotel by the bathrooms !!!

We were shown to our table which had  large wing backed chairs to sit on which were very comfortable . The table was laid with a pure white tablecloth and Wedgwood china with silver cutlery.  The room was very grand with a glass domed ceiling and underneath was a white and gold gazebo with a piano in . The room had  marble on the walls and thick carpet on the floor and around the edge  large cream and gold pillars supported the high ceiling. There was a very relaxed feel to the room and the piano music was nice in the background.

The waiters were all dressed in a smart traditional uniform and there were plenty of them going between all the tables eager to help and serve everyone. Our waitress explained the menu to us and asked if we had any allergies or dislikes. We asked for coffee rather than tea which they said was not a problem.
The sandwiches came out on a china tray and looked nice and and tasted fresh and nice with the unusual filling combinations. My favourite was the coronation chicken ( I asked for extra one of these ) and the mini Butternut Squash tart which was very moreish. The waitress offered us more sandwiches but i wanted to save room for the cakes !!!


The scones and cakes came out on a traditional afternoon tea stand and they looked lovely. Two warm scones each one plain one raisin with lots of thick cream and jam plus a pot of creamy lemon curd......Mmmmmm my  mouth is watering at the memory of these as i write this !! 
Next we had 2 little sponge tea cakes each Earl Grey Tea and Bergamot curd plus a Iranian Pistachio Praline cake both of which were really nice. This surprised my Mum as she said she said she did not like Earl Grey Tea flavour but loved this cake !!! Last of all on the top tier were 4 little cakes.......all of which were very tasty however we both agreed the chocolate cube was delicious. My Mum said it tasted like Ferrero Rocher which is her favourite chocolate. The waiter asked if we we wanted anymore cakes and my Mum asked for another chocolate cube . We then had a different waitress ask if we wanted more cakes and could take them home in a box ......this was an offer we could not refuse.  Basically i think you could have extra of everything and they would not mind one bit. Also we lost count of how many times they topped up our coffee cups.
It was a lovely afternoon spent with my Mum and enjoyed being treated like royalty by the Hotel. A nice change from when i got home and have to cook dinner and look after everyone else !!!

Nearest Station  : Charing Cross Northern Line approx 4 minute walk 
Best bits : The amazing room with relaxed feel and service which made us feel special. Also the scones and chocolate cube cake   
Worst bits : Having to pay the bill at the end !!!!!
Value for money : It was expensive but something you will always remember    
Would I go back?  :  Yes but would have to be for a special occasion 

Monday 14 October 2019

Beagle bar The Manor house hotel - cotswolds

Saturday 12th October

My husband and I went away for the weekend to the Cotswolds. 
My daughter  brought us for last Christmas a whiskey and gin distillery tour in the Cotswold's plus voucher towards hotel stay. We stayed at the Manor House in  Moreton on Marsh which is a very nice little village.
I could not miss the chance of having an afternoon tea before heading to the distillery to sample some gin. Yes I drink gin since it has become fashionable and my husband has always been a fan of whiskey.
We opted for the champagne afternoon tea priced at £23 each.
When the afternoon tea stand arrived I was a bit disappointed as did not look like there was much on it!!

There was 3 different types of sandwiches,salmon, ham and egg. I liked the egg one in brown bread best, I think it had cheese in it as well. Next we tucked into the scones, i had the raisin one  and hubby had the plain one. There was a big pot of jam and thick cream. There was cream and jam left  so  I asked if we could have just one more scone as well as another cup of coffee. Hubby thought it was a bit cheeky, but if you don't ask you will not get!! So they say anyway. We shared the extra scone .
The top tier contained 3 little cakes each which looked and tasted nice. A strawberry custard tart, lemon sponge cake and mouse filled chocolate cone. Overall it was an OK afternoon tea but i have had better .

Nearest Station  : Not sure as we drove to hotel.
Best bits : Egg sandwich and freshly baked scones  
Worst bits : Not enough food needed more sandwiches
Value for money : Not really   
Would I go back?  : No 

Friday 11 October 2019

Toby Carvery Afternoon tea.........

Yes you saw it right an Afternoon Tea at the Toby Carvery home of the roast dinner. Not sure this is available at all Toby restaurants and I think you would need to book in advance.

I do not work on a Friday and normally will spend the morning doing my housework and then go for coffee or lunch  with my friend Michelle.
This Friday as it was the day after my birthday we decided to try a local afternoon tea at the Toby carvery. It sounded good value at £14.99 for 2..... My mum also came plus Michelle's two daughters and 3 grandchildren, 8 of us in total if you include baby Hudson who was asleep for most of it. Michelle booked the table about a week in advance to make sure they could cater for 5 afternoon teas as I do not think they get many requests for it.

We had to wait about 30 minutes for it to arrive but in the meantime we was offered tea or coffee which was included in price.
The tea stand consisted of 3 different sandwiches each, roast turkey with stuffing and cranberry, roast ham and mustard which was too hot for us and plain cucumber. This was just a slice of dry white bread with 3 slices of cucumber........not that nice!! Would of been better with some butter on the bread. However the turkey one was delicious and so was the ham if you like hot mustard! Next a large warm raisin scone each which looked and tasted homemade along with pots of jam and whipped cream, it was very nice. My friend granddaughter Macie thought so too!
To finish we could each choose a slice of cake from either salted caramel, chocolate fudge or Junkyard cake which is chocolate with Oreos and vanilla butter cream. The slices were extremely big.Me and my mum shared the salted caramel and Junkyard cake.....we both preferred the salted Carmel but both of them were very tasty. You need a sweet tooth to enjoy these as a  little bit sickly even for me!

After indulging in all of this we all felt rather full and left the restaurant feeling that we had got a very nice afternoon tea for the money. Next time I would ask for the ham sandwich without mustard and see if they would give us two turkey ones instead of cucumber.

Nearest tube : Buckhurst Hill (central line) We drove as local to where I live
Best bits : Turkey sandwich and salted caramel cake 
Worst bits : Cucumber sandwich with no butter
Value for money : Yes definitely.  
Would I go back?  : Yes I would 

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Tuesday 1 October 2019

3 Afternoon teas booked !!!!

Its been over a week since my last afternoon tea......having withdrawal symptoms already !!!!!!
So just booked  below afternoon teas.....

Savoy Hotel - This is birthday treat from my Mum who i am going with. It will also be mission 1 out of 4 completed. For whose not aware i set myself a mission of going to all 4 afternoon tea winners before the next awards !!!

Merry Fiddlers Epping  - This is local to me and i got a great deal on Groupon £22 for sparkling afternoon tea for 2 ! Offer is still available if you fancy it ?

Wardolf  Hilton London Sugar Plum Fairy Afternoon tea  - Booked this for December as looks very nice and different. Going on weekday so cheaper than weekend at only £39 each

Afternoon Tea at The Waldorf Hilton - London

Sunday 22 September 2019

Rabot 1745 - Borough market, London

Saturday 21st September (my daughters birthday)

My daughter went out with her friends today for brunch to celebrate her birthday so I decided to invite my husband along to this afternoon tea.
This was a Buyagift voucher which I got a discount on so only cost me £46.20 for sparkling afternoon tea for 2 . Normal price £35 each......so got a good bargain as I always do !!
Rabot 1745 is part of Hotel Chocolate and being a chocolate lover,  I am a member of their tasting club for over 8 years now. So you can guess how excited I was about going to this chocolate themed afternoon tea. Wow it did not disappoint....

Upon arrival (30 minutes early) we was shown to our table on the terrace overlooking Borough Market.

The waitress handed us the menu along with a glass of Prosecco. She explained that we could choose any hot drink from the menu apart from the one with rum, also we could have as many hot drinks as we wanted. I thought this was brilliant as there was a lot of choice including flavoured hot chocolate and coffees.

When the afternoon tea stand arrived it looked amazing, I could not wait to get started on it. The waitress explained what was on it, I must say the sandwiches were very unusual.  Beef with white chocolate horseradish, creole chicken with pumpkin mayo, pea and tarragon mouse on rye bread and egg mayo on brioche roll with cocoa nibs. I thought they all tasted delicious.. We had two scones each one raisin and other cinnamon (I could not taste the cinnamon) with pots of jam, cream and thick chocolate ganache. They tasted lovely and did not disappoint. I especially liked the ganache which was very rich and chocolaty !! After a 10 minute break and another hot drink we started on the cakes. The chocolate cherry gateau was  my favourite however my hubby preferred the strawberry cheesecake which was very creamy. To finish we had 3 chocolates each all very nice. I must say I enjoyed this afternoon tea very much and the service and venue was very good.

Nearest tube : London Bridge , approx. 4 min walk
Best bits : Unusual sandwiches, chocolates, choice of drinks and excellent service/venue . 
Worst bits :  None really.
Value for money : Yes I think so considering  you can have more than one hot drink from a large choice on menu.
Would I go back?  : Yes I would