Sunday 22 September 2019

Rabot 1745 - Borough market, London

Saturday 21st September (my daughters birthday)

My daughter went out with her friends today for brunch to celebrate her birthday so I decided to invite my husband along to this afternoon tea.
This was a Buyagift voucher which I got a discount on so only cost me £46.20 for sparkling afternoon tea for 2 . Normal price £35 got a good bargain as I always do !!
Rabot 1745 is part of Hotel Chocolate and being a chocolate lover,  I am a member of their tasting club for over 8 years now. So you can guess how excited I was about going to this chocolate themed afternoon tea. Wow it did not disappoint....

Upon arrival (30 minutes early) we was shown to our table on the terrace overlooking Borough Market.

The waitress handed us the menu along with a glass of Prosecco. She explained that we could choose any hot drink from the menu apart from the one with rum, also we could have as many hot drinks as we wanted. I thought this was brilliant as there was a lot of choice including flavoured hot chocolate and coffees.

When the afternoon tea stand arrived it looked amazing, I could not wait to get started on it. The waitress explained what was on it, I must say the sandwiches were very unusual.  Beef with white chocolate horseradish, creole chicken with pumpkin mayo, pea and tarragon mouse on rye bread and egg mayo on brioche roll with cocoa nibs. I thought they all tasted delicious.. We had two scones each one raisin and other cinnamon (I could not taste the cinnamon) with pots of jam, cream and thick chocolate ganache. They tasted lovely and did not disappoint. I especially liked the ganache which was very rich and chocolaty !! After a 10 minute break and another hot drink we started on the cakes. The chocolate cherry gateau was  my favourite however my hubby preferred the strawberry cheesecake which was very creamy. To finish we had 3 chocolates each all very nice. I must say I enjoyed this afternoon tea very much and the service and venue was very good.

Nearest tube : London Bridge , approx. 4 min walk
Best bits : Unusual sandwiches, chocolates, choice of drinks and excellent service/venue . 
Worst bits :  None really.
Value for money : Yes I think so considering  you can have more than one hot drink from a large choice on menu.
Would I go back?  : Yes I would 

Monday 16 September 2019

Buyagift discount code - 23% off ends midnight 18th Sept

Just wanted to share Buyagift discount code for 23% off (exclusions apply) . Just quote code CHRISTMAS upon checkout  and grab yourself a great deal on an afternoon tea vouchers or whatever else takes your fancy !
I am very tempted but already have a few vouchers still to use .....

Sunday 15 September 2019

Cafe Concerto Westfield Stratford

Saturday 14th September

My first afternoon tea for the month of September (although I've already gone on to book another one for next week)!
This time I asked my Mum to come with me as my hubby wanted to go to the local rugby club to support our team. My mum is a cake lover too so she was more than happy to go with me.
This was a Wowcher deal that I got a month or so ago for incredible price of £19 for 2 with a glass of Prosecco each. Such a good deal, unfortunately no longer available via Wowcher. I booked the restaurant at Westfield Stratford as it's easily accessible via public transport and I can also do a bit of shopping at the same time. I forgot to mention I am a bit of a shopaholic too!!
My expectations were not high since I had previously read a few reviews on tripadvisor which were not that good. Also I have had my bar set pretty high by some of those London hotels.
After an hour and half bus ride (I don't like driving to Stratford due to the ridiculous parking fees plus there were roadworks en route causing traffic congestion ) we arrived feeling very hungry. We decided to sit inside as the outdoor seating was not in the sun and the inside looked much nicer.

The waitress served us a glass of Prosecco each and offered us a hot drink of our choice from the tea and coffee menu. We informed the waitress that neither of us eat fish and my mum doesn't like mayonnaise - she said that wouldn't be a problem. About 10 mins later the afternoon tea stand arrived. I had to ask the waitress what the sandwich fillings were as she was not very forthcoming with the menu. There were two small egg brioche rolls each,  a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich each and a chicken and tomato sandwich each. They tasted OK , I liked the little egg rolls best so glad we got two!
Next came my favourite part as always.....the scones. We had two each, one plain and one raisin. On the table were four pots of strawberry jam and just a small pot of clotted cream. If it wasn't for my mum not liking cream on her scones there would of not been enough. The scones were average but they were warm, so I guess they were freshly baked.
The little cakes looked very nice too. There were two mini macaroons both different flavours, a fruit tart, a chocolate mouse cake and cream pastry slice. We cut them in half so we both got to taste them all. The chocolate cake was the best, very rich and chocolaty.
Afterwards we did a little bit of shopping (I got a  Coast dress for under half price - I love any sort of bargain) before catching the bus back home.

Nearest tube : Stratford Station , approx. 10 min walk
Best bits : Egg brioche rolls and chocolate cake. Also the chandeliers inside were stunning. 
Worst bits : Sandwiches could have had better fillings and different types of bread would be nicer. Needed more cream to go with scones.
Value for money : Yes definitely for what I paid , not sure I would pay full price to go there.  
Would I go back?  : Yes probably if on offer again. 

Friday 6 September 2019


Just wanted to share with you BUYAGIFT are offering £10 off orders £20+ up to midnight Sunday 8th. Just quote code SEPT at checkout. Not valid on all vouchers as I tried to use code on Cafe Rouge and not accepted !!
Check out there afternoon tea vouchers they are a lot to chose from ......