Monday 31 May 2021

Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch Afternoon Tea

 My second afternoon tea since lockdown this year was at Montcalm Hotel in Marble Arch. I have been there before with my hubby so this time I took my mum. I had brought two vouchers by mistake from Buyagift for the same venue. I was going to exchange it but as it was only £29 (with a discount code) for a champagne afternoon tea for two I decided to keep it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It would cost you more than that at a coffee shop. 

When we arrived I was pleased that it was in the Hankies restaurant rather than the Crescent Lounge where I sat last time I went. It had windows onto the street in Hankies whereas the other room had no windows and was much less comfy looking.  It a small hotel with a minimalist modern feel. 

We was given a choice of tables as when we arrived it was not busy. We chose a table for two by the window. About 10 minutes after being seated we was brought a glass of Prosecco and I informed the waiter that we did not eat fish and my mum no mayonnaise. We was never shown a menu which I thought was strange .....maybe its a covid thing at the moment. 

The tea stand arrived and my mum had a separate plate of sandwiches with no mayonnaise. The waiter briefly explained the cakes and took our orders for coffee . We both had a cappuccino.

The sandwiches were extremely  fresh with soft white and brown bread . We got six each consisting of a cream cheese one, humus and roasted veg, coronation chicken and plain ham .  

Next we tucked into the scones one fruit one and a plain one each with a pot of jam and clotted cream to share. They were still slightly warm and very nice indeed.  Whist eating these I noticed it was getting  busy and most people were having the afternoon tea. They also put on some background music which was nice. 

The top tier of cakes consisted on the following of which we got one each. Cheesecake , Carrot cake, Victoria sponge cake, fruit cake slice and a soft sweet fruit and nut triangle. Our favourite was the carrot cake. My mum commented that is was unusual that there was not a chocolate cake. 

Overall we both enjoyed the food and it was defiantly worth the £29 I had only paid. I think full price including glass of champagne is £38 each which still is reasonable price for a London hotel 

Next afternoon tea is with my hubby so look out for the review on the the Athenaeum Hotel .

Nearest Station  : Marble Arch  underground -  about 5 minute walk    
Best bits : Fresh sandwiches and the scones 
Worst bits : Décor in the room was rather plain and not very luxurious 
Value for money :Yes it was well worth the money we paid   
would I go back?  :  Yes maybe but not for a while 

Friday 21 May 2021

Cafe rouge afternoon tea - St Catherine docks London

My first afternoon tea out this year was  not at a posh hotel but it did not disappoint. The service and food was really nice and the price was even better!

Cafe rouge at St Catherine docks is a lovely location. Right by the water with plenty of outdoor seating. Unfortunately the weather meant that we had to sit inside.

Upon arriving we were greeted by a young man who was very friendly and made us feel welcome. We was offered a choice of table as it was not very busy and we choose one in the corner away from the door.

We were handed a menu each and then the afternoon tea explained to us. The savoury consisted of a sausage roll, vegetable quiche and either a mini ham baguette or cheese baguette. We both decided on the ham one. Below is a link to the menu

We could also choose a hot drink of our choice plus a free refill. We both ordered a cappuccino and I upgraded my afternoon tea for an extra £3.50 to include a glass of Prosecco..... It would be silly for me not too at that price!!

A lovely waitress brought the coffees  and about 10 minutes later the afternoon tea stand arrived  It all looked very nice 😋 

The savoury items were warm and freshly baked, they all tasted lovely. The sausage roll was both our favourite. We both commented that it made a nice change to just having sandwiches !!!!

Next we had the fruit scone which was still warm and jam and clotted cream which did not disappoint. 

We both ordered a coffee refill from the lovely waitress serving us called Lale. She was very friendly and could not do enough for us. 

Next we tucked into the sweet treats which consisted of a black forest mouse in a glass pot, carrot cake and chocolate torte. All three were nice but out favourite was the chocolate torte which was rich and creamy  with a crispy base. 

When it was time to get the bill I did ask if I could use my Taste card to get a discount but they said it was not valid for Afternoon teas.....Never mind as still good value at £13.50 each !!!!!!

Overall there was not a massive amount of food but it was probably just the right amount over wise we would of felt too full. We both enjoyed it very much and the manager Biacio was very friendly and made us feel very welcomed and not rushed.   Hats off to them for good food and service. I will be returning again at some point 

Nearest Station  : Tower Hill underground -  about 10 minute walk    
Best bits : The location and excellent service plus the fact that it all tasted freshly baked 
Worst bits : None that i can think of
Value for money :Yes it was well worth the money we paid   
would I go back?  :  Yes i would but hopefully on a sunny day so I can sit outside and make the most of the location

Friday 14 May 2021

Afternoon teas booked

I have so far booked up 4 afternoon teas..... So excited and looking forward to them!!

The first one I have booked is at Cafe rouge at St Catherine docks London. It has  outdoor seating if the weather is nice. The menu sounds lovely and only £12.50 each. It includes mini quiche and sausage roll and also refillable hot drinks which is good value. The cakes sound nice too

Click on link for the menu

The second one is The Montcalm Marble Arch.

I have been here before for afternoon tea with hubby, this time I am taking my mum.

It was OK and I did a review on it in  August 2019     

I brought a second buyagift voucher some time ago not realising I had a voucher already for this. I got it at such a good price that decided to just go again.

Third one is at  Galvin at Athenaeum Hotel in Mayfair. I have been here for a meal but never a Afternoon tea.  I have a Buyagift voucher for this that I purchased some time ago. 

Then the forth one is in the five star hotel Taj 51 near Buckingham Palace. I have never been here before and treating my mum.. It has a Alice Queen of Hearts theme looking forward to this one 

I will of course be posting my reviews and photos once i have been to them ....keep an eye out for them 

Friday 7 May 2021

Buyagift discount code £10 off min £30 spend


Another discount code for Buyagift that ends Sunday 9th May midnight.

Buy yourself a voucher for a afternoon tea as hopefully they can go ahead very soon.

Just spend £30 or more and quote code GO10 at the checkout.....