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Hi and welcome to my blog.
My name is Karen, I'm in my fifties and I am a working mum with 2 children. I live in East London and am lucky that getting into London only takes about 45 minutes on the train. 
My eldest daughter has recently flown the nest and moved into a flat just 10 minutes away and I have a teenage son who - like most boys his age - spends all day gaming on PC. He only appears from his room for food or drink !!!!!!
I have been married for 28 years for which I think I deserve a medal.
I have two cats who I call 'my babies' but their real names are Leo (ginger fluffy one) and Holly (black and white) alias Big Boy and Baby girl.  My neighbour thinks I am a mad Cat Lady as I talk to them all the time .....at least they never answer back !! A MEOW does not count.  

This was when they were only about 2 months old 

I enjoy cooking - well I have too as no one else in the house can cook. My husband did try a few times resulting in rice which resembled mash potato and garlic bread like a lump of charcoal. I  am also keen on baking cakes and trying out new recipes.  
My family call me a feeder - I like to buy nice things like cake and chocolate which I then tell them to eat    since I'm forever 'on a diet''. Just recently after Easter - being the bargain hunter I am - I brought about 20 Easter eggs which were half price or less and stashed them in the conservatory for the family to share. I also brought a box of 48 Cadbury cream eggs because they were only 10p each  .....these lasted until the end of July. This does not do my Slimming World weekly weigh in any good !!
Walking is the other thing i like to do ....well after all the afternoon teas and chocolate eggs  I need to do some exercise. 
I am a great action movie fan too ....give me a Marvel film over a romantic comedy any day. 

I decided to start this blog on afternoon teas as I want to share my passion and experiences with you. I hope it will tempt you to try some out and at same time not damaged your bank balance. 

Hope you enjoy reading my posts and feel free to make comments - good,bad or silly :) x

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