Sunday 28 November 2021

Morrisons Christmas afternoon tea - Disappointing

 Today me and my mum decided to try the Christmas afternoon tea in our local Morrison supermarket cafe. We had been there before last year for the normal afternoon tea and thought it was excellent value at £10 for two. 

The Christmas one was £12 for two and you get a mince pie with clotted cream instead of a  scone.  

It was quite when arrived and  was told it could be a 30 minute wait .....not sure why as not busy. To be honest I don't think many people order the afternoon tea as they did not really know what it consists of and had to seek help from the manager. I think we also confused them by saying no mayonnaise or fish sandwiches. 

We helped ourselves to a coffee each from the machine and sat down . It's good that you can have as many coffees or teas as you want !!!

After about 20 minutes the tea stand arrived. 

Slightly disappointed as we only got 3 triangle sandwiches each which made me wonder what they did with the forth triangle from each sandwich. We got a cheese and tomato in white bread  and also cheese and ham in brown bread. They were nice and fresh. 

The mince pie was ok but nothing special and would of been nicer if served warm. I liked it with the clotted cream.

On the top tier we just got a slice of ginger cake each and a little cheesecake pot with fruit sauce on top. I  think we should of got a slice of lemon cake as well but the waitress said they had run out. 

Unfortunately the ginger cake was very dry as I think had been left out for a while. We did not really enjoy it however I did like the little pot of cheesecake. 

Nearest Station : Not sure as local to me
Best bits : Can help yourself to as many teas or coffees as you want from machine
Worst bits : Dry ginger cake, I wish I had complained now
Value for money : It was cheap but that was reflected in the quantity and quality of food
would I go back? : No not for a while maybe in the summer for the normal afternoon tea.

Sunday 21 November 2021

The Tea Terrace at House of Fraser , Oxford Street London

 Yesterday me and my mum had a lovely afternoon tea at The Tea Terrace which is inside House Of Fraser store on Oxford Street.  I booked it in advance and glad I did as whilst there it got busy. Booking is not always required as there was quite a few walk ins. 

Its a lovely pretty pink cafe on the first floor of the store complete with a Cinderella carriage seating table. The chairs are pink and white velvet and some of the walls have pretty pink flowers on to match the wall on the entrance .  The attention to detail is lovely and perfect for a little girls tea party. The china plates and tea cups were lovely dainty floral pink or blue colours. 

As well as serving  afternoon tea you could just order a drink or  breakfast and they had sandwiches , jacket potatoes plus lots of lovely sounding cakes on the menu. We ordered the traditional afternoon tea for 2 but they also had a vegan option and Gluten Free. Click below for full menu 

Tea Terrace menu - Oxford Street

Our Tea was priced at £50.45 for 2 and included 1 hot drink each from the menu . What I liked about this was that we could choose our 2 sandwiches each plus 2 scones each from 6 different types. It was a great idea as my mum can be a bit fussy with sandwiches !!!!

STEP 1: SANDWICHES: With both these afternoon teas, you choose your own sandwiches. Choose two of the following sandwich fillings if you're having the afternoon tea for one, or choose 4 for the afternoon tea for two. ~ Ham and Tomato ~ Cucumber & Cream Cheese ~ Cheddar Cheese & Chutney ~ Tuna Mayonnaise & Cucumber ~ Scottish Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese ~ Chicken Mayonnaise & Lettuce ~ Free Range Egg Mayonnaise with Salad Cress Our sandwiches are made with our delicious artisan bread (spinach flavoured & beetroot flavoured sliced bread, with subtle flavouring). But you can ask your server for plain white or brown bread if you prefer. 

STEP 2: SCONES: you each get two delicious warm scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Choose from six flavours of scones (plain, fruit scones, apple and cinnamon, cranberry and white chocolate, ginger scones, or cheese scones). 

STEP 3: DESSERTS: you each get four mini desserts served with fresh strawberries on the side: mini rich Chocolate Brownie, a mini Coffee Eclair, a mini Vanilla Panna Cotta on a Sable Biscuit, and a mini Lemon Tart with a delicious Meringue topping. Served with fresh strawberries. 

STEP 4: DRINKS: You each get to choose from 17 flavours of tea in a teapot, or a large mug of coffee or hot chocolate from our extensive selection 

Once we had chosen the waitress brought over our drinks in a large mug and saucer along with a metal birdcage style tea stand. 

The sandwiches were what we had asked for expect the ham and tomato was missing the tomato but my mum did not mind. Our Cheese and chutney sandwich could of had bit less chutney inside and more cheese but it was still nice and very fresh. We had brown bread but was given option of white too if we wanted. 

Next we had the scones which were freshly baked and still warm. We both choose the apple and cinnamon one and cranberry and white chocolate. We got a small pot of Tiptree strawberry jam each and a large spoon of clotted cream. Both scones were nice and light and crumbly inside , delicious with the jam and cream. 

The top tier of cakes were small but we got one each plus fresh strawberries. They were all OK but nothing special. 

Overall really nice afternoon tea and I liked the fact you can choose your sandwiches and scones. 

Nearest Station : Oxford Circus underground  station - about 5 minute walk
Best bits : The pretty decorated room and fact you could choose your sandwiches and scones   
Value for money : Yes I think it was OK at £25 each  
would I go back? : Yes I would but the House of Fraser store is closing next year which is a shame.