Friday 16 August 2019

My first time ....

My first afternoon tea experience was over 10 years ago for my 40th birthday. I went to the famous Ritz Hotel in London with a group of friends. At this time there were only a few hotels in London that did afternoon teas, but now the majority of good  hotels in London offer them. It was a very grand and luxurious experience with a very grand price to match!!! The food was never ending  but hey ,you can only eat so many sandwiches and cakes . If you wanted a glass of bubbly expect it to be  expensive, but is an obvious must if you are spending that amount of money and celebrating!

My 40th birthday at the Ritz
Wow I look so young sitting at the back matching my mum in pink which is my favourite colour

My next afternoon tea was probably about 4 years later upon discovering Groupon , Wowcher and Afternoon . I purchased a discount voucher for a chocoholic afternoon tea at Hilton Park Lane Hotel , the Podium restaurant. I took my Mum and it was a lovely experience. What I remember most was the top layer on the stand , there sat on a chocolate marble plate(!) were beautifully decorated cakes. Yes that's right, the whole plate was made from white chocolate (my favourite) marbled with gold . My Mum couldn't believe  it was made of chocolate and edible at first glance.
The whole experience was amazing , which is why I went back with my daughter, and then again with my husband , a  close friend and then if that wasn't enough, I took my son back again with my Mum! Each time is slightly different because at certain times of the year they have a theme like Easter or Christmas.

Photo of the one of the chocolate plates i had during a visit to the Podium afternoon tea

Since this I have been to over 30 different afternoon teas hence my nickname 'Queen of afternoon tea' which has lead me to start this blog!

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