Wednesday 28 August 2019

Huttons cafe in park , Wickford Essex

Wednesday 28th August 2019       

My friend Michele had told me about this cafe called Huttons which serves a nice afternoon Tea for only £12. She has been about 8 times so must be nice !!!!! We arranged to go on this day as I had the week of work. Her daughter who knows the owners well now booked a table for 3 of us as you do need to book in advance. My friend warned me not to expect anything posh as just a cafe inside a park but she said the food was good.

It was a lovely sunny day so we sat outside. We ordered our hot drinks (all included in price) and waited for the food to arrive. First a wooden try full of different sandwiches was placed in the middle of our table. They had the crusts still on which made a nice change and cut into triangles. There were 5 different types: chicken, bacon and avocado, ham and mustard, egg mayo, cheese and pickle and turkey and tomato on white and granary bread. We had 20 triangles  between 3 of us....needless to say we could not finish them all.

The waitress asked if we wanted any more drinks, which she brought out along with a tray of scones and cakes.

There was a scone each and a whole pot of clotted cream each, way too much cream even for me.
The chocolate brownie was very soft and gooey in the middle, we all thought it was slightly under cooked but still tasted nice . The cupcake had a vanilla frosting on top and was also very tasty. As we could not finish them all  I took some home for my son who I knew would appreciate them.
All in all a lovely afternoon with my friend and her daughter

Nearest tube : Not relevant as we drove there , car parking available
Best bits : Food and price 
Worst bits : Brownie needed cooking a bit more but that's just a small thing as they still tasted good
Value for money : Yes definitely - you can have more than1 drink  
Would I go back?  : Yes  if my friend invites me !!!

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