Friday 6 December 2019

Sugar Plum Fairy Afternoon Tea - Waldolf Hilton Hotel London

Wednesday 4th December

So looking forward to this as booked it weeks ago via Bookatable . I went with my Mum and we thought it would be very Christmassy...........Not quite as good as we were expecting !!!!!! It cost £39 each .....£49  if we wanted a glass of champagne. Decided to just stick with coffee this time as my mum does not drink much anyway.

The hotel was nicely decorated and the afternoon tea was served in the Homage restaurant which was decorated to match the theme. There were white trees with fairy lights and little ballet dancer decorations hanging down and also in the large silver and gold wreaths on the white pillows. It was a large room with tables round the edge and a waiters station in the middle. on the opposite side to our table was a piano which a lady played throughout the tea .

Our table was small with a crisp white tablecloth and little glass vase with fairy decoration in. We informed the waitress of our allergies which i had already noted on the booking. We then waited ......and waited whilst they gave menus and drinks to other tables that had been seated after us !!!! My mum was not impressed as she was feeling hungry by now.  The waiter finally brought over a magical drink which was a small glass cup with blue liquid in. He then used a dropper to add another liquid which turned it purple. Next a clear glass teapot was put on our table in a tray , then dry ice poured around edge to create a magical smoke effect ..........All very dramatic i must say 

We both ordered a cappuccino and then waited about 10 minutes for the sandwiches to arrive only to be given the wrong ones after informing them twice no fish for both of us  and no mayo or mustard for my mum. The waiter apologised and after about another 10 minutes we got the correct ones. I had an egg mayo one , Cheese and chutney one and a beef sandwich plus three little coronation chicken ones on a round slice of pumpernickel bread. These were delicious and my favourite ...wish i had asked for more now as i noticed other tables asking for extra sandwiches.

Considering the restaurant was not that full the service was really slow and we had to wait a while for the cake stand to arrive.

The cake stand looked very nice with warm scones on the bottom plate and on the top little cakes. We had a plain scone each and a orange and raisin scone served with strawberry jam or spiced plum jam plus a pot of clotted cream.
The top plate consisted of a choux bun, opera cake, chocolate mini cake and cute sugar plum fairy iced biscuit. This was stood up in white candy floss.  Cakes were nice but more like a desert as mainly mouse and cream .

After asking for the bill the waiter brought to our table a little white piano with a tiny ballet dancer on which moved around the top to the music. Also on top sat two little macaroons which tasted lovely.
It was a bit quirky but a nice way to finish the tea and went with the whole theme

All in all OK but service could of been much better and would of been nice if they had played some Christmas carols

Nearest Station  : Covent Garden  - Approx 6 minute walk.   
Best bits : little coronation chicken bites and the macaroon at the end  
Worst bits : Service was very slow and they got the sandwiches wrong 
Value for money : I have had better cheaper ones
Would I go back?  :  Yes probably but not for the same themed one 

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