Monday 28 October 2019

Savoy Hotel London - Mission 1 out of 4 completed

Sunday 25th October

Afternoon tea at the famous Savoy Hotel did not disappoint..........
From the grand entrance to the extremely large marbled bathrooms this hotel is in a class of its own.  I guess at £75 each for traditional afternoon tea you should expect nothing but the best.

Upon arriving with my Mum we headed to the bathrooms and Wow it was enormous, larger than the  downstairs of my house. Beautiful black and white marbled floor, lovely paintings on walls and gold baskets full of crisp white flannels to dry hands on . I always say you can judge a good hotel by the bathrooms !!!

We were shown to our table which had  large wing backed chairs to sit on which were very comfortable . The table was laid with a pure white tablecloth and Wedgwood china with silver cutlery.  The room was very grand with a glass domed ceiling and underneath was a white and gold gazebo with a piano in . The room had  marble on the walls and thick carpet on the floor and around the edge  large cream and gold pillars supported the high ceiling. There was a very relaxed feel to the room and the piano music was nice in the background.

The waiters were all dressed in a smart traditional uniform and there were plenty of them going between all the tables eager to help and serve everyone. Our waitress explained the menu to us and asked if we had any allergies or dislikes. We asked for coffee rather than tea which they said was not a problem.
The sandwiches came out on a china tray and looked nice and and tasted fresh and nice with the unusual filling combinations. My favourite was the coronation chicken ( I asked for extra one of these ) and the mini Butternut Squash tart which was very moreish. The waitress offered us more sandwiches but i wanted to save room for the cakes !!!


The scones and cakes came out on a traditional afternoon tea stand and they looked lovely. Two warm scones each one plain one raisin with lots of thick cream and jam plus a pot of creamy lemon curd......Mmmmmm my  mouth is watering at the memory of these as i write this !! 
Next we had 2 little sponge tea cakes each Earl Grey Tea and Bergamot curd plus a Iranian Pistachio Praline cake both of which were really nice. This surprised my Mum as she said she said she did not like Earl Grey Tea flavour but loved this cake !!! Last of all on the top tier were 4 little cakes.......all of which were very tasty however we both agreed the chocolate cube was delicious. My Mum said it tasted like Ferrero Rocher which is her favourite chocolate. The waiter asked if we we wanted anymore cakes and my Mum asked for another chocolate cube . We then had a different waitress ask if we wanted more cakes and could take them home in a box ......this was an offer we could not refuse.  Basically i think you could have extra of everything and they would not mind one bit. Also we lost count of how many times they topped up our coffee cups.
It was a lovely afternoon spent with my Mum and enjoyed being treated like royalty by the Hotel. A nice change from when i got home and have to cook dinner and look after everyone else !!!

Nearest Station  : Charing Cross Northern Line approx 4 minute walk 
Best bits : The amazing room with relaxed feel and service which made us feel special. Also the scones and chocolate cube cake   
Worst bits : Having to pay the bill at the end !!!!!
Value for money : It was expensive but something you will always remember    
Would I go back?  :  Yes but would have to be for a special occasion 

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