Monday 27 March 2023

Best value afternoon tea at Morrisons cafe

 This has to be the best value afternoon tea I have had............priced at £12.99 for two

Yes that's correct £6.50 each and we got coffee refills included in this !!! I think this is my 4th afternoon tea at Morrisons.

It's certainly not posh and you do not get the 5 star  hotel service but the food is extremely nice and fresh. It's ideal for a last minute lunch or afternoon treat with a friend.

I went to my local Morrisons in Chingford  on Friday with my friend for lunch and ordered this. We had to wait about 20 minutes for it to arrive which was fine as we helped ourselves to a cappuccino from the hot drinks machine. 

The bottom plate had ham sandwiches and egg mayonnaise sandwiches both on white bread. We got 4 triangles each equivalent to a 2 slice sandwich each. They were lovely and very fresh. 

The middle plate had my favorite on, scones with a mini pot of jam each and mini tub of clotted cream each. Morrisons bakery scones are extremely good. Full of dried fruit and topped with sugar which gives them a crunchy outside. They are big too so one each is plenty. 

On the top plate we got a slice of strawberry cheesecake, slice of lemon loaf cake and brownie square each. All of which were very nice but we both liked the cheesecake best. They were all generous in size too. In fact we had to take the cake and brownie home as too full up. 


Best bits : The delicious scones with cream and jam and the slice of cheesecake
Worst bits : Nothing    
Value for money : Yes defiantly cannot fault the food we got especially for the price paid.  
would I go back? : Yes of course i will  

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