Wednesday 20 October 2021

Lovely afternoon tea with excellent service at Corinthia hotel London

 On Sunday I went to my forth and final Birthday afternoon tea. 

This afternoon tea was on Instagram a few months ago and when I saw it had a cake trolley I just had to go. So my mum took me there for my birthday treat....and it was such a lovely treat at that !!!!!

It is priced at £60 each or £70 with a glass of champagne

The hotel was large and very nicely decorated. Afternoon tea is served in the crystal moon lounge which is in the middle of the hotel. Once you see the big light hanging down from the  domed glass ceiling you will understand why it's called the crystal moon lounge. The huge light is made up of 1001 crystals with just one single red crystal.  It's such a statement light and something that I will always remember about this hotel. 

We was shown to our table which was nicely laid with expensive china and glasses. I know it was expensive as they sell it in the hotel lobby shop. The champagne flutes cost £350 for 2 and the cup and saucer is around £100 for both pieces. The china is black and white checked design and they also have the same in  red . The manager explained during our afternoon tea that each table has just one place setting in red to go with the single red crystal in the light. 

The tables were small and low down to go with the comfy leather armchairs. It had a very relaxing feel about it. Music was playing in the background which later changed to live piano music which was very nice. 

Once seated we has handed the menu and offered tea or coffee and champagne . As it was my birthday I had a glass of Laurent Perrier in the lovely champagne glass . 

The waitress asked if we had any allergies and then brought out a silver tray each with 5 different sandwiches on . She placed them on a little side table next to us. 

They all tasted very nice 😋 I liked the coronation chicken one and the beef one best. 

When we had finished the waitress brought over a tray with an assortment of sandwiches for us to choose extra ones if we wanted. I had another coronation chicken one and beef one. 

Then a wooden box was placed on the side table along with 2 pots of different jams and a pot of clotted cream. There was a strawberry jam and then a rhubarb jam . I tried both of them but preferred the strawberry one. We got a plain scone and a fruit one each . They were still warm and light and fluffy inside..... delicious 😋

Whilst tucking into the scones we ordered another coffee each and then along came the cake trolley packed full of lovely looking cakes. 

The waitress brought over a tall 3 tier cake stand which was placed on the floor next to us. 

She then explained what the cakes were and served them onto a plate on the stand. We got 1 of each of the 4 types. She then put 2 different flavors of Marshmallow , coconut macaroon and chocolate nut cluster each onto the 3rd plate on the stand. So much food to eat and I was already feeling full after the scones !!!!!

The cakes were all nice but our favorite was by far the chocolate hazelnut one. Very rich and  chocolatey with the crunch of the nuts. 

By now we both were feeling rather full after eating all the cakes and did not expect what came next 

The waitress brought over a large cake in a glass bowl stand with a candle in and happy birthday plaque made of chocolate.  Thankfully they did not sing happy birthday to me. 

The cake was a traditional German style cake with a cheesecake filling in the middle and little shortbread biscuits plus lots of blueberries which I love. There was also white chocolate shards on the top. I noticed that every table got one of these at the end not just for birthdays.  We cut the cake in half . It was really nice but I could only manage a little bit of it as I felt so full up. 

It was such a lovely afternoon tea in a lovely hotel. The service we received was excellent and the manager was constantly walking around the tables chatting and making sure everyone was ok . 

There was plenty of food on offer and nice that extra sandwiches are offered. I am sure that   we would of got extra scones or cakes too if we had asked. 

Glad I saved the best afternoon tea till last for my birthday....


Nearest Station : Embankment  underground  station - about 5 minute walk
Best bits : The service and quality of the food. Also the lovely German cake in the bowl at the end 
Worst bits : Nothing to mention all very nice  
Value for money : It was expensive but worth it  for the luxury feel and service  
would I go back? : Yes I would for a special occasion 

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