Sunday 12 December 2021

Very nice Christmas afternoon tea in the drawing room at Dukes Mayfair London

 Yesterday I treated my mum to a Christmas afternoon tea at Dukes hotel Mayfair London. 

It was a small hotel and very traditional looking inside with a small reception decorated with a lovely Christmas tree. I booked it a few weeks ago and it is priced at £39 each. 

I had not been here before and it was easy to get too and I thought the menu sounded nice. 

Selection of Finger Sandwiches Orange & maple glazed turkey – sage & onion stuffing on white bread Baked hamMontgomery cheddar – fig relish on granary bread Severn & wye smoked salmon
soured cream – on beetroot bread Cream cheese – ginger pickled cucumber on onion bread

Festive cakes and treats

Cranberry & apricot scones & Plain scones
Freshly baked daily by our pastry chef
Clotted cream, plum jam

The afternoon tea is severed in the drawing room which was just like a front room with a large fireplace. The fire was not lit which was a shame. We choose a small table for two next to the fireplace. 

The table was laid with white plates and cups and saucers plus a crisp white cotton napkin. 

The waitress handed a menu to us and poured a glass of water each. We explained that the only sandwich we did not want was the salmon so they changed it for an extra ham one each. 
We both ordered a cappuccino and after about 20 minutes the tea stand arrived. 

It all looked very nice with different breads used to make the sandwiches. So we got four sandwiches each and was offered some more if we wanted. We both decided not to be greedy as wanted to save room for scones and cakes !!!!!!  My mum liked the ham and cheeses one best and I liked the turkey with stuffing. They were very tasty and fresh and my mum who likes plain food said they were perfect for her. She can be fussy at times . 

We ordered another coffee, an Americano each with warm milk on the side. It was then time to eat the scones. They were still warm , a plain one each and cranberry and apricot one each with plum jam and clotted cream......Yummm

They were extremely nice scones with a light buttery inside and crisp on outside. They were homemade and freshly baked just how I like them. My mum commented how nice they were too. 

I found them very filling but still managed to eat them both smothered in the jam and clotted cream. 

Cake time next and we had four differed ones each 

The cakes consisted of a real egg shell in gold egg cup filled with a creamy eggnog custard with crunchy sugar top. I think it had alcohol in but not sure what , I liked it but my mum was not keen. 
The green ball shaped one was a profiterole with crunch coating. It had a cream inside but we were not sure what the flavour was. Next I had the dome shaped one which looked and tasted like a Christmas pudding.....clever and we liked the taste of it. Lastly we had the chocolate cake which was indulgent, chocolaty and our favourite.
To finish I had another cup of coffee...

We thought it was a very nice small hotel with good standard of service and food. 

Nearest Station : Green Park underground  station - about 6 minute walk
Best bits : Lovely fresh sandwiches and delicious scones also nice cosy room were the tea is served     
Value for money : Yes as I had 3 coffees and we got offered more food
would I go back? : Yes I would 

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