Monday 20 May 2024

Afternoon tea at sea on P &O cruise

 My husband and I were lucky enough to go on a 7 night cruise around Norwegian fjords. The scenery was breathtaking and we had nice weather too. 

Most of the food is included in the cruise price however there are a few restaurants that charge extra like the glass house tapas menu. The afternoon tea served  at the Market Cafe is charged at just £8.95 each which we did not mind paying extra for using our free on board spend money. 

I could not go on this ship without sampling their afternoon tea and adding to this blog!! Unfortunately I only took a few photos. 

The menu below includes a hot drink of our choice 

Once we had placed our order the table was laid with art deco style plates 

The glass of sparkling wine we got from the glass house bar and was included in the drinks package we had. This was our third glass so far that afternoon!!!!

When the food arrived I was pleasantly surprised that it was served on a silver plate stand. 

We got 3 sandwiches each that were made of thin slices of bread rolled up will fillings inside. The cheese and onion one was my favorite and my lucky husband got to have my salmon one as extra. They were very nice and fresh and I liked the different types of bread used. 

Next we had the Eton mess scone which we cut in half. It was already filled with cream and topped with meringue and strawberry. After this we got a plain scone each that was freshly baked and crispy on the outside yet soft in middle. They only gave us enough cream and jam for one so we had to ask for more. As you know I like lots of cream on my scones. Whilst eating our scones we both ordered a cappuccino each. 

We then had the cakes that we cut in half. 

There were 5 different to share. First we had the Victoria sponge that looked like a sandwich. It was filled with cream and jam.  Then I cut the blueberry tart in half. This was nice and filled with a creamy custard and blueberry. The pastry was thin and crispy just like it should be. 
Then we had the banoffee ice cream pie that was delicious with creamy vanilla ice cream and caramel. 
We should of had this first as the ice cream had started to melt. 
Then I cut the red berry heart in half and it was filled with a creamy mouse on thin biscuit base with a berry fruit center. We saved the chocolate one to last and this was very good too. 

Overall a lovely afternoon tea with fresh sandwiches and nice flavored cakes. 

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