Thursday 30 May 2024

Afternoon Tea at Aubrey Park Hotel - Hemel Hempstead

 It was my Sister in Laws 60th Birthday on Sunday so she arranged for us to meet up over a nice Afternoon Tea.  

The Hotel is set in 6 acres of meadow with 137 bedrooms. it has a lovely restaurant and hosts annual events and is also a wedding venue. 

My sister in law had pre booked and paid for it in advance priced at £27.50 each. 


 Spring Afternoon Tea @ Aubrey Park

 £27.50 Per Person

 Selection Of Sandwiches

 Coronation Chicken Open Sandwich

 Roasted Red Pepper & Hummus 

Finger Sandwich

 Egg Mayonnaise & Watercress

 Smoked Salmon & Cucumber

 Honey Roasted Ham & Tomato


 Freshly Baked Plain & Fruit Scones with

 Tiptree Strawberry Preserve & Clotted Cream

 Mini Desserts

 Vanilla & Fresh Fruit Tart

 Classic French Macaroon

 Mascarpone & Blueberry Cup Cake

 Dark Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel

 Banana & Cranberry Flapjack


Me and my Mum arrived first and was warmly greeted and shown the options for where we could sit. We had a choice of outside as it was a sunny day or in the lounge / bar area that had comfortable velvet  armchairs and doors that opened up onto the garden at the back.  I opted to sit inside by the doors as I knew it could of got too hot outside. 

They laid the table nice with fancy folded  crisp cotton napkins sat on china plates with silver cutlery. 

The lovely friendly waitress took our tea and coffee orders and asked if we had any allergies.  My mum just informed them no mayonnaise , mustard or fish for her. She explained that they did not have the smoked salmon sandwiches that were on the menu and offered us complementary glass of prosecco . 

It was only myself and my Niece that took her up on the offer !!!!!  We did not mind there was no salmon as its only my sister in law that likes it.  

My mum got her own special tea stand just for her with no mayonnaise or mustard and we got a further two stands to share between the four of us. 

The sandwiches were nice and fresh in white and bread bread. We got different to what was on the menu. Ham and Mayonnaise , Cucumber and cream cheese, Coronation Chicken and Cheese and pickle. 

Once we had eaten majority of the sandwiches we had the scones that were still slightly warm. They were generous in size and we just got plain ones two each.  To go with these we got a pot of Tiptree strawberry jam each and a dish of very thick clotted cream to share between two. I thought the scones were very nice and had a light texture inside.  I put plenty of cream on mine as my mum gave me her cream as well. 

Before starting on the cakes we ordered another hot drink. 

The cakes consisted of the following and we each got one of each so did not have to share or cut in half. 

These are very different to what was stated on the menu 

Bakewell sponge square

Chocolate Brownie 


Chocolate mouse truffle cake Triangle 

The Bakewell cake was my favorite as really moist sponge and strong almond taste.

The macaroons were all different flavors and I was lucky to get a caramel one that was really nice. 

I found the brownie and bit too dry and hard and the Chocolate mouse cake was a bit too rich and very soft.

Overall a pleasant afternoon tea and the staff made us feel welcome and looked after us well. 


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