Tuesday 30 January 2024

Bottomless cake at Jack and Beyond - Battersea high street , London


On Saturday I took my mum to a Bottomless cake event at a lovely independent café called Jack and Beyond in Battersea London. I saw it advertised on social Media last year and being a cake lover I knew I had to go there. I also knew that my mum would love it too. 

It is priced at £22 each for 90 minutes of Bottomless cake and you can add  bottomless hot drinks
or prosecco to this. We opted for the hot drinks at additional £6 each which seemed good value.

The cafe was very small inside with just 3 tables however there were plenty more tables outside weather permitting. Due to this you have to stick to the 90 minute time slot you booked it for. 
The two young men working there made us feel welcome and explained the cake and drinks menu to us. 

There are 7 different cakes to choose from so to start with we got a slice of each one on a slate plate to share.  I ordered a Mocha and my mum just an Americana coffee with milk on the side. There was a big choice of hot drinks to choose from.  

Just so you know we cut all the cake slices in half so we could both try each of them 
We started with the seasonal cake which was a Black Forest cake  that had a lovely creamy frosting filled with a cherry compote. The chocolate sponge was so light inside lots of cherry compote between the layers. 
Next the Red Velvet which is one of my favorites as I love a cream cheese frosting. This one was nice however the sponge did not have much of a chocolate flavor but it was nice and moist.

To follow this we went for the classic Victoria Sponge which is always a firm winner in my eyes. 
Lovely light vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam and a lovely creamy frosting that was not too sweet. 

Then it was the turn of the Lemon and elderflower cake that I was really looking forward to tasting. 
The cake was lovely and moist however I could not taste the lemon.   Once again the frosting was creamy with just a hint of Elderflower in it.  

The forth on to try was the Chocolate and Peanut butter that was a vegan cake. This was delicious and had the texture of banana bread with a hint of cinnamon was was lovely. I loved the peanut butter frosting that went so well with the sponge. It certainly did not taste like a vegan cake. 

Before starting the next cake we ordered more drinks each. This time I had a flat white coffee

Next to try was the carrot cake which is another favorite of mine. The sponge was nice and light but I think it could of done with some walnuts added to it. Most carrot cakes I have had in the past contain walnuts or some other kind of nuts. The frosting on this was nice with just a hint of cinnamon. 

Finally we had got to the last of the cake slice which was a crumble topped cheesecake.  We thought this would be our least favorite but how wrong was we !!!!  The biscuit base was so buttery and just the right thickness. On top of this was a thick creamy vanilla cheesecake topped with a crumble and blueberries. We both really enjoyed this one and managed to eat it all. 

After eating three and a half slices of cake each we were surprising feeling very full.  I realy wanted to have more slices of cake especially the Victoria sandwich one but I was pretty full up and so was my mum. In the end we decided not too as did not want to make ourselves feel sick and bloated on cake. 

We bought thought that we would be able to eats lots more cake but as they say ' Eyes bigger than your belly'!!

It is hard to say what our favourite cake was but I liked the Victoria sponge, Chocolate banana peanut butter one and the cheesecake was nice. 

They have a black chalk board on the wall with the peoples names of who has the record for eating the most slices of cake.  In the lead currently is someone called James who ate an astounding 21 whole slices which is nearly two  large cakes.  

For us the bottomless cake price was not worth it and we would of been better off just buying 7 slices of cake however we were light weights that day and I am sure most people manage a lot more slices than us. 

It is a lovely café with friendly staff and a large range of delicious cakes and biscuits and worth visit. 

  Nearest Station : Not sure as we went to Victoria Underground Station and then got a bus there 
Best bits : The large choice of delicious cakes all made fresh on site also big choice of hot drinks    
Worst bits : None to mention    
Value for money :  Yes if you can eat five or more slices each.
would I go back? : Maybe if I was in the area. 


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