Friday 21 October 2022

21 afternoon teas in 2022 and still counting

 I was chatting to my friend and she asked me how many afternoon teas I have my been too this year. 

I replied that my aim was to go to one a month so I guessed I had been to around 10 or 11

Wow how wrong was I it's 21 to date and it's not the end of the year yet !!!!! That's a lot of scones and cakes....

No wonder I have not managed to loose any weight but I have enjoyed going to them, well most  of them. 

Next one I have booked is at the Melody restaurant  that I have been to before with my mum. This time taking hubby for his birthday as the have a whiskey bar. 

I also hope to go to a few Christmas ones so probably end up going to around 24 in 12 months. 

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