Monday 22 August 2022

Kopi Tiam afternoon tea at pan Pacific hotel, London

 Saturday I tried out the Kopi Tiam afternoon tea designed by Cherish Finden who is a judge on the professional bake off TV program. 

It is served in the Orchid lounge at the 5star new Pan Pacific hotel London. 

It's not cheap at £72 each but you know me I found a way to get if cheaper. By getting a Buyagift voucher with a 25% discount code I got it for £54 each which is not too bad for a nice 5star hotel 

The hotel is modern in design and the staff are very smartly dressed mostly in a uniform. The doorman greeted us and led us to the open-plan lounge which had lovely modern furnishings and bright floral pictures on the walls. 

We were shown to our table for two which was round with two low velvet chairs . The table had a glass top and was nicely laid with pretty floral China and two round silver stands with a tealight in. There was also a small vase with a single fresh tropical flower. 

It was a good 10 minutes before we got given a menu which was like a little booklet. First was the sparkling wines list which was British wines which I liked.  The cheapest one was £15 a glass but if you added it to the afternoon tea it was only £10. 

Next on the menu was the two different types of afternoon tea. The Kopi Tiam which has a Asia theme of dim sum and boa buns and the traditional one with sandwiches. They both had the same sweet things. Lastly on the menu was the  different teas and there was lots to choose from.


Dim Sum Basket Prawn Seafood Chicken and  Pork Gai Gok Crispy Rice Dumpling with Chicken and Mushroom Mushroom Bao Button and Chestnut Mushrooms 


 Candy Floss Corgi Shortbread


 Served with Cornish Clotted Cream, Homemade Strawberry Preserve and Kaya Jam 


Lemon Meringue British Lemon Shortbread, Lemon Curd, Lemon Mousse

 The Wild Rose English Rose Macaron, Strawberry and Lime Jelly 

 The Tower of London Pistachio Financier, Mascarpone, Raspberry 

The Queen “Honey” Bee Heather Flower Honey, Chocolate Sponge, Crunchy Pecan Praline 

The waiter took our drinks orders and I decided to go for some hibiscus tea along with a glass of Gusbourne rose sparkling wine.  We both ordered the Kopi Tiam afternoon tea which just as a useless fact translates to coffee shop .   I informed him that I did not like fish so all chicken dim sum would be fine for me. 

Our wines were poured into the flute glasses already on the table however we only got half a glass each which I thought was mean especially for the price they charge!!!!! I really liked the sparkling wine as was not too dry in taste. 

Next came out the teas in large floral teapots that were placed on top of the silver candle stands to keep it warm. The tea I choose had a fruity red berry taste and color and tasted nice.  However the first cup from the tea pot was not strong enough so it got better towards the end and kept warm by the candle. 

The first course of the afternoon tea was a surprise as I did not see it on the menu. 

It was a China espresso cup and saucer which inside sat a small scoop of sorbet which had a lemon flavor and a small chocolate filled biscuit on the side. The waiter then poured a red liquid over the sorbet which had a berry flavor. Together they tasted really nice and the biscuit was lovely too. The waiter explained that this was in honor of our Queen for her jubilee as it is some of her favorite flavors. 

The lounge was very busy with people having afternoon tea and the waiters were kept busy ensuring everyone was happy and teacups topped up. 

Next course to arrive was the Asian style savories which consisted of 3 dim sum each, prawn, seafood and chicken and pork one plus a small dish of dipping sauce. 

Also we got a plate each which had a boa bun and fried dumpling on . These plates were placed inside a silver birdcage hanging from a large floor stand.  

We both liked these very much and when asked if we wanted anymore I ordered another boa bun. 

It took forever for it to arrive so not sure if they forgot or it took that long too make. 

Whilst waiting I noticed other tables ordering a whole plate of extra sandwiches and dim sum. 

I guess for the price you would expect to be offered more as this is the difference between good service and bad !!!

Next to come was my favorite the scones plus as an extra treat we each got a Corgi dog shaped lemon shortbread biscuit which tasted very nice 

The scones  arrived on a China stand along with a silver metal stand holding little white dishes containing jam, clotted cream and a coconut spread. 

We got two little scones each, one plain and one raisin which were slightly warm and dusted with icing sugar. The scones were nice and the coconut spread was a bit different and a nice change to just jam.

After the scones I ordered a cappuccino plus some glasses of ice tap water.

Lastly came the dessert cakes which looked amazing and worth waiting for and we got four different ones each on our own plate

As you can see  a lot of work went into the decoration with pink delicate sugar flowers and printed white chocolate pillar with tiny butterflies attached. I was impressed and hoped they tasted as nice as they looked. 

First one to eat was the lemon yellow ball shaped topped with meringue . It had a thin white  chocolate shell painted yellow and filled with a extremely creamy lemon mouse that was divine. 

Next I had the pink macaroon which was very pretty looking. The small light pink macaroon had a hint of rosewater flavor and the larger one was strawberry flavor. My husband was not keen on this one but I really liked it. 

My husband liked the pistachio tower cake best that had a creamy mousse center but it did not have much flavor to me. 

Lastly we had the chocolate one which had a lovely crunchy layer at the bottom topped with a chocolate cream. Once again this was decorated lovely with a mirror glaze . 

I am not sure what one was my favorite as I liked it them all . 

Once a the food was gone  we felt very full and content. The service was very good however it was slow which I think was done on purpose to make you feel relaxed and not rushed. 

We was made to feel welcome and special by the hotel staff. 

Nearest Station :        Liverpool Street Station   - about 8 minute walk 
Best bits : The pretty desert cakes and relaxing lounge and service.  
Worst bits :  Small measure of sparkling wine in the glass    
Value for money : It is expensive but not too bad if you can get a discount code like I did 
would I go back? :  Yes probably if they did a different theme   

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