Monday 8 August 2022

Grand Park Lancaster gate hotel - not posh but very nice for bargain price

 On Saturday I took my mum to afternoon tea at the grand park Lancaster gate hotel. It is a group of small hotels and apartments scattered around London. They are not what I would call  posh  but we got nice food and very good service on the day. 

They say you get what you pay for........well we got much more than the £29 Living social voucher that it cost me !!!!! Afternoon tea for two plus a bottle of Prosecco now that is good value as the food and service was very good. 

When I brought the voucher it said it was for an ice cream themed tea but they offer four different ones at this hotel as per website below

    Below is the menu for the one we had..........perfect for the hot sunny day

Indian � Inspired Afternoon Tea

Ice Cream Afternoon Tea(£39.00 for two with 1 glass of Prosecco each)
(£49.00 for two with 1 bottle of Prosecco)

Two great English summer traditions, rolled into one al fresco treat!
Exquisitely presented and perfect on sunny afternoons, our ice cream afternoon tea is a novel new take on a timeless tradition. Served on the terrace, it melds the classic cream tea - delicious, just-baked scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam, with a medley of mini ice cream cones, delicate finger sandwiches in striking colours, and a refreshing ice cream sundae. You can also enjoy it with pink champagne, should the fancy take you.

  • Hummus, cucumber and cheese sandwich (White Bread)
  • Egg and Watercress Sandwich (Brown Bread)
  • Tuna and rocket sandwich (White Bread)
  • Chicken and pepper sandwich (Brown Bread)
  • Plain Scones, Clotted cream and Jam
  • Strawberry & Mango Delight
  • Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Lemon Tart

We got a underground train to Lancaster Station and then struggled to find the hotel as I went the wrong way. We ended up at Grand Park Paddington hotel instead and they directed me to the Lancaster Gate one which was just a 5 minute walk down the road. 

The hotel has a very small reception desk and the restaurant was just to the side of this. There was also a small terrace at the front of the hotel but my mum said it would be too hot to sit in the sun outside. 
The restaurant was small and plain inside with a small bar at the back. 

We sat on a table for two by the window which had  net curtains so could not see much outside. Like I said it certainly was not posh as the table was plainly laid with table mat , small plate and cup and saucer , cutlery and paper napkins. A small vase with a fresh flower would of been nice

Our waiter was very friendly and I handed him the voucher and informed him that no fish for both and no mayonnaise for my mum. I also informed him that we wanted the ice cream afternoon tea.

He brought over the bottle of Prosecco and poured us a glass each before placing the bottle in a silver wine cooler placed on our table. The Prosecco was very nice and well chilled.

Whilst waiting there were a few more people arriving with vouchers like me so it was getting rather busy. 
The tea stand was brought out after only about 5 minutes and my mum got her four sandwiches on a separate plate. 

My mum just had 2 plain chicken brown bread sandwiches and 2 cheese and cucumber in white bread which was perfect for her. I got one of each including a egg mayonnaise one but instead of tuna I got an avocado one which I left as not keen on. 
The first thing my mum said was how fresh and soft the bread was which I agree with. They must of been just made as not a dry edge of bread to be seen . 

Whilst enjoying the sandwiches our glass were topped up with Prosecco from the bottle. 

Next we had the scones which were small but we did get two each and they were all plain ones which was fine. The clotted cream was plenty as my mum does not have it however we had to ask for more jam which the waiter brought to us. 

The scones were warm when the tea stand arrived but had cooled down by the time we ate them. 
They may of been small but wow they were very nice light and crumbly in texture . My mum said they were one of the best scones she has tasted which is complement to the chef . 

Whist eating these we both ordered a cappuccino each as the Prosecco bottle was sadly empty now !!!!!!!!!!

The cakes tasted nice too. we got each a very small lemon tart, cheesecake square a  pot of strawberry and mango cream dessert which was nice and full of fruit flavors. 

The menu online states that you get mini ice cream cones which we never saw. however we did get offered the ice cream sundae that consisted of a scoop of strawberry and scoop of vanilla ice cream each in a sundae glass. 
I got excited to eat it so forgot  to take a photo until I had nearly finished it 

I noticed that we was the only table that got the ice cream......I think most tables were having the chocolate themed tea as they got a chocolate mouse in the pots and a different cake. 
I think we got the best one as the ice cream was nice and refreshing on a hot day

The voucher covered the whole tea and drinks so there was nothing to pay apart from leaving a tip for the waiters who were very good 

Nearest Station :        Lancaster Gate underground  - about 7 minute walk 
Best bits : The lovely scones and the ice cream sundae. Plus the extremely fresh sandwiches and good service  
Worst bits :  Nothing to mention    
Value for money : Yes 100%  for the £29.00 voucher deal 
would I go back? :  Maybe if I can get another good deal  

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