Tuesday 16 March 2021

St Patrick's day Ombre cake

 Tomorrow is St Patrick's day so I decided to make a cake to celebrate.

I wanted to try and do a Ombre style cake and choose green for St Patrick's day. I Also brought some amazing sprinkles which contains tiny shamrock shapes.  I ordered these online from ebay.

I used my 5 tin rainbow cake layer set which includes a recipe for the 8 egg sponge.

I did each layer in a different shade of green ending with a white sponge on top. 

For the buttercream I used Trex which makes it very white. However you do need to add vanilla extract to make it taste nice.

First I sandwiched the sponges together with the white butter icing then did a light crumb coat all over before placing in the fridge overnight. 

In the morning I put the remaining butter cream into 4 bowls and coloured them in 3 shades of green and left one white.

Starting with the darker shade I spread a layer all around bottom on cake, then did the same with the other shades so it had different shades of green all around it. The top layer I did in white and also the top of the cake. 

I then used a pallete knife to smooth the cake over and blend the colours. To finish off the cake I pipped mixed shades of green into a swirl around the edge and topped with sprinkles and also added sprinkles around the bottom of the cake.

I could not wait to cut a slice to see the colour effect inside .........

For a first attempt it has come out OK but I need more practice in getting a smooth finish. 

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