Sunday 1 March 2020

Cirque Du Soleil afternoon tea Royal Garden Hotel Kensington

Saturday 29th February

I saw this deal on and could not resist booking as 50% off, £19 per person. Too good a deal to miss the chance of adding to my growing list of afternoon teas. Did not take much persuading for my mum to come with me. I think she is pleased that  I have started this blog as she often gets to come with me to try them out. She loves cakes more than me and  I think that is where I get it from. I can remember as a child we used to go camping a lot in the UK and when driving about we always used to look out for bakery shops and would get excited at the thought of buying some cakes. We are definitely a foodie family!!!

Anyway enough of my childhood memories and back to the afternoon tea in question.
It was a modern hotel with the bar and restaurant overlooking the park. There were wall to ceiling windows so it was very light and great to watch the people walking around in the park. We had a little table for two by the window, the chairs were low and comfortable. We was handed the menu and offered glass of water and tea of coffee, we both ordered a cappuccino  which I must say was very nice.

We waited about 20 minutes for the sandwiches to arrive.... When they did we had to refuse them as they had not taken our allergies into account. I had informed them over the phone no fish and my mum no mayonnaise or mustard. They had a record of this also when we arrived on the booking sheet. The waiter apologised and then about 10 minutes later we got the correct ones. As you can see from photo we got a plate full of sandwiches each favourite was the little egg roll on top and the chicken and mayonnaise sandwich.
Whist eating our sandwiches we was offered more coffee and our water glass topped up.

I must say the service was slow even though the restaurant was not that busy but i did not mind as we was not in a rush and it was relaxing just chatting and people watching. Halfway through our tea a man started to play the piano which was in the corner of the room at the back .

When the cake stand arrived the cakes on the top were decorated lovely and with the Cirque Du Soleil theme of bright colours and had tropical flavours. The bottom tier had 4 scones on which were warm and we had a tray of 2 different types of jam and extremely thick clotted cream.
In the middle were 4 different slices of cake including fruit cake and lemon cake. The cakes on top were large enough to cut in half so we got to taste everything !!!! Out of the cakes my favourite was the Mango and almond cream slice whilst my mum preferred the pineapple tart. They were all very tasty. Oh i must mention the lightly fruited scones which were the fluffiest and lightest ones i have probably had so far at a afternoon tea....Delicious.

We was not rushed and after about 2 and half hours we asked for the bill. It was a nice afternoon tea and definitely good value as only half price ....unfortunately this was only up to the end of Feb !!!!!

Nearest Station  : Kensington High street    - Approx 6 minute walk.   
Best bits : Fluffy light scones and lovely decorated cakes.   
Worst bits : Sandwich with olives in and fact we did not get offered any extra food ,,,not that we really wanted any but just would of been nice to be offered!!!

Value for money :  Yes defo as i only paid half price but at full price still good value as you got quite a lot of food
Would go back?  :  Yes probably 

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