Saturday 15 February 2020

Lanes of London - Marriott Park Lane

Saturday 15th February

Afternoon tea with my hubby for our Valentines treat together. Back in August brought this as a voucher from Buyagift when there was a discount code. So it only cost me £66.99 for bottomless bubbles for 2 instead of £87 which i think is a bargain as was very nice .

The weather was not very good so i was relieved that the hotel was literally just opposite Marble Arch underground station if you come out at exit 2. There was a lovely relaxed feel as we walked in and the table and chairs looked comfortable and nicely laid . There was also a lady playing the harp which was a lovely touch. She was very good too and played many tunes new and old that we recognised.

We was offered Spanish Cava which was nice and  not too dry and handed the menu. The waitress explained the different types of teas on offer by bringing a tray of little pots for us to see and choose from. My husband choosed a tea called Red Dragon and i just ordered a coffee. She also asked if we had any allergies.

We waited about 20 minutes for the stand to arrive which was full of lovely looking sandwiches and yummy cakes. I was so looking forward to tucking into it all as was getting hungry.

The sandwiches had different flavoured bread which made them very tasty. The turkey with mustard mayo in onion bread was really nice and so was the cheese and chutney in walnut bread. Our waitress who was very friendly and attentive (her name was Justine) said that we could have more sandwiches or scones if we wanted. She also offered us more tea or coffee and our glass was constantly being topped up with the cava.  I decided to try the rosebud tea as the waitress had recommended it and after all it seemed appropriate as it was Valentines. 💘💘💘
Next we tucked into the scones as you know by now these are my favourite part of the afternoon tea. We had 2 each one plain and one fruit with a big pot of strawberry and elderflower jam and extremely thick cream.....Yummmmmm. All i will say is that the scones would of been bit nicer if warm. Having said this we did order more scones which arrived still warm so must of just been fresh out of the oven. I only asked for 1 but was brought a plate of 4 . We only managed  another one each !!!!!! Wanted to save room for the cakes.
The cakes looked so nice and we had one of each. I always think this is good as have been to afternoon teas in past where you only get one of each type so have to cut them in half so you can both try them. The chocolate mouse tart was made of dark chocolate so extremely chocolatey. The Battenburg slice was nice but very sticky to eat. I really liked the flower pot made from white chocolate and containing a pineapple a mango creamy mouse ......Delicious must eat the flower pot too !!!!!  After eating all the cakes we both felt extremely full . We was polity asked to take our drinks to the bar as our 2 hours were up and i think they needed the table back as the restaurant was getting busy. We was shown to the bar area and just chilled there for a hour or so whilst finishing our drinks. It was wet and windy outside so we was in no rush to leave this lovely hotel. 

Nearest Station  : Marble Arch   - Approx 2 minute walk.   
Best bits : Sandwiches, cakes and service. Also must not forget the lady playing the harp   
Worst bits : None really it was all very good   
Value for money : Yes it was as could have extra sandwiches and scones and also as much tea or coffee as you want
would I go back?  :  Yes i would 

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