Monday 30 October 2023

5th Afternoon tea at The Melody restaurant St Paul's hotel - Hammersmith London

 On Saturday I took my husband back to the Melody restaurant for afternoon tea followed by drinks in the Whisky bar. This was my 5th afternoon tea here and still one of my favorites. Also one of the waiters remembered us from last year and reserved a nice table in the whisky bar for us afterwards 

It may be just a small hotel but it is very friendly and inviting. Every time I have had good food and service.

I used a voucher from Buyagift that cost me only £39 for 2 with a glass of Champagne each. The current menu price is £39 each so I got it half price when I purchased it in April last year...Bargain !!

The Afternoon tea is served in a small cozy dining room with windows looking onto the garden patio area. We sat at a small table for two next to a window. There was only one other table being used which soon changed as it started to get busy. 

We were poured a glass champagne each and handed the menu for the tea selection. I choose the berry fruit tea and my husband the African tea which the waitress recommended as a strong and popular tea to him. 

The afternoon tea stand came out after about 15 minutes and we both were feeling rather hungry. 

Along with this we also got a oblong plates each filled with small slices of freshly baked sourdough bread with butter plus  cream cheese, cucumber relish and Salmon with spoon of caviar for husband and beetroot and tiny blackberry spheres for me. 

Sorry I forgot to take a photo of it before I eat it.  It was really nice and bit different. 

The sandwiches consisted of small brioche egg mayonnaise roll and half a focaccia roll filled with Chicken and a cucumber and mint cream cheese sandwich. We also got a cheese scone each with a smoky spicy sausage spread to go with it. These were all very tasty and nice. 

Before starting the scones I ordered a coffee and my husband a different type of tea to try.

 The scones were slightly warm still and served with pot of blackberry jam and clotted cream. We got two generous size scones each, raisin with cinnamon one and plain one. 

The raisin and cinnamon one was delicious light and fluffy inside with just the right amount of cinnamon. Every time I come here the scones have always been lovely. 

On the bottom plate were the cakes and tiny desserts, 4 each plus a chocolate one to share. 

We had the macaroon first and my husband got a mango flavored one and mine was blackberry. 

Next i had the sponge cake which was topped with lemon buttercream. The sponge had an unusual taste so I asked the waitress what it was. She said it was a honey cake which then made sense as proper pure honey can have a strong flavor. It tasted OK but not my favorite. 

The yellow one was filled with a very soft mango cream coated in chocolate. We both liked this one as very light and creamy. The cheesecake topped with blackberry jelly sat on a crisp buttery biscuit base and tasted very nice.  

Lastly we shared the chocolate cake that was in the shape of a musical note.  

This was made of rich chocolate ganache and very soft and gooey to eat. 

Finally to finish a lovely afternoon tea I ordered a cappuccino and my husband had a double espresso

All of the hot drinks we ordered were included in the price which is good as some places charge extra for additional teas and coffees. 

Feeling very full and content we headed into the Whisky bar for a treat for my husbands birthday. 

Nearest Station : Barons Court underground  station - about 10 minute walk
Best bits : The delicious scones and bread plate    
Worst bits : Nothing to mention   
Value for money : Yes defiantly with my voucher however menu price is still good for the amount and quality of food. 
would I go back? : Yes defiantly.  

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