Wednesday 25 January 2023

Mums birthday afternoon tea Intercontinental O2 London

 Saturday we went to the intercontinental O2 hotel for my mum's birthday afternoon tea. I had always wanted to try this one and my mum thought it would be nice to look around the outlet shops too. 

It's a large modern hotel with lots of glass windows with great views across to Canary wharf and the London skyline. 

It is reasonable priced at £52 each for a nice hotel. I could not find any voucher deals for this so just booked it direct online. 

The afternoon tea is served in the meridian lounge which is light an airy with floor to ceiling glass windows. 

We choose a nice round table that had a comfy chair for my mum. 

The table was nicely set with white or and gold china and a crisp white napkin.  The waiter handed us the menu and asked if he we had any allergies. 

We asked if we could swap the salmon sandwich for a extra Turkey one and my mum also  swapped the egg mayonnaise for an extra cheese sandwich. They were more than happy to do this for us. 

We ordered our hot drinks, my mum a cappuccino and I decided to try the chamomile tea infusion. 

After around 15 minutes the tea stand arrived along with a plate of lovely looking sandwiches. 

Our waiter Ganesh explained what everything was and looked after us thought out the Afternoon tea. 

The sandwiches were extremely nice and the bread was much thicker than normal with lots of filling. I must say I really enjoyed them and liked the cheese in tomato bread best whilst my mum liked the Turkey ones. 

I also liked the two mini mushroom vol au vent we got each,  the pastry was nice and crisp. 

Next we had the scones which were slightly warm still. A plain one and candid fruit one which looked nice with green and red pieces of fruit that looked likes jewels inside. To go with these we got a pot of strawberry jam and pot of thick clotted cream. There was plenty of these for both scones and I did not need to ask for any extra...I do like lots of cream on my scones !!!!

The scones were nice but my mum said they were nothing special. 

Before tucking into the nice looking cakes we both ordered a coffee each to wash down the scones. 

All the cakes looked very nice and we got 4 different ones each .....

They were more like desserts than cake and we both thought they looked nicer than they tasted. 

We had the Clementine Ginger Symphony one first which was a orange flavor mouse inside a realistic looking orange sat on a biscuit base. We could not taste the ginger in it. My mum said she liked this one best out of the 4.  

The Pear and Cardamom tart had a real poached pear on top of a crisp buttery pasty case topped with cardamom flavor  custard.  I liked this one. 

Next we had the mini Forest Fruits Rum Barba which was a sponge soaked in a sweet syrup topped with berries. I could not taste any Rum it was just very sweet and wet . We were not that keen on this one. 

Lastly I had the Yuzu and Caramel Chocolate Cube. This was a dark chocolate shell filled with rich Chocolate cream with caramel. It had a unusual  taste to it that was probably the Yuzu and very chocolatey.  

This one along with the Pear were my favorites. 

Feeling very full now I ordered another coffee and as I had informed them it was my mums birthday when booking they brought out a fruit tart on a plate with Happy Birthday wrote on it 

My mum took this away with her in a box as too full to eat it there 

Overall a nice Afternoon tea with good service in a nice modern hotel 

Nearest Station : North Greenwich O2 station - about 10 minute walk
Best bits : The nice sandwiches in thick bread and lots of filling inside plus the amount of food we got. Also the service was good too.    
Worst bits : Nothing to mention   
Value for money : Yes I think it was for the food we got plus they did not charge us extra for the additional hot drinks.  
would I go back? : Yes if I was going to the O2 or they had a different menu that sounded nice. 

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